Yearlings are the hopes for the farm, the future hopes that is. Most of the yearlings are homebred or won in inter-sim and JR auctions.


Possibly the Victory C
Missy's Mon C
Gold Appeal F
Magpie Aloma F
Molly's Joy C
Pride of Seattle F
KC Times Table C
F Southern General C
Bali King C
Thoughtful C
Anna Indy F
Here's A Good One F
Night Life C
Shy Queen F
Lady Camelot F
Trytocatchme F
Double Perfection F
Allure F
Hail To Deheri F
F's Starry Boldness C
Twiggy's Lass F
Storm Dancer F
Annulled C
Dyno Trickster C
KC Wave Goodbye C


Windfall C
Elusive Smile F
Festive Tribute F
Pizzazz F
Divine Chatter C
Twisted Reality C
Baille d'Ange F
Justified C
Monoka C
Heavenly Slew F
Regal Quest F
Wild Passion F
Silent Crowds F
Sadler's Haze C
Celtic Praise C
Elegant Preformer F
American Storm F
Rogue Storm F
Plum Pudding F
Lachlan Magpie C
Daily Shadows C
Twice Over C
Divine Chatter C
Precious Aloof C
Silver And Gold x Solitude
Creative Lyra C
Celestial F
Framboise Gagne C
Creative Lyra F


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