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"A Thoroughbred racehorse is one of God's most impressive engines. Tipping the scales at up to 1,450 pounds, he can sustain speeds of forty miles per hour. Equipped with reflexes much faster than those of the most quick-wired man, he swoops over as much as twenty-eight feet of earth in a single stride, and corners on a dime. His body is a paradox of mass and lightness, crafted to slip through air with the ease on an arrow. His mind is impressed with a single command: run. He pursues speed with superlative courage, pushing beyond defeat, beyond exhaustion, sometimes beyond the structural limits of bone and sinew. In flight he is nature's ultimate wedding of form and purpose."
~ Laura Hillenbrand, Seabiscuit


Welcome to Myrtlewood Thoroughbreds Inc. We are located in the gorgeous bluegrass state of Kentucky, right outside of the peaceful city Paris. Myrtlewood's colors are purple and silver, with the shape being diamonds. Myrtlewood was founded in the 1980's right after the bluegrass bubble popped. The owner, Thomas Myrtle bought several broodmares and yearlings from the Keeneland auction. Over the years, Myrtlewood bloomed into one of the biggest thoroughbred farms in kentucky. It is known for training and breeding quality thoroughbreds. It's racehorses include a many classic winners. Now MW has come to Jockeys Room. We hope to conquer the JR and inter-SIM racing world and show it with our amazing preformers of the track. In SIM, Myrtlewood Thoroughbreds was established in the summer of 2005, with hopes of competing with top stables like Magnolia Hill, Ocean Side Farm,Celtic Incorporated,Hushi Ali Enterprises,Capitol Ridge Farm and Signatured Thoroughbreds.


Instead of sending by email, Myrtlewood Thoroughbreds Inc. has a contact form for any JR members,inter sim stable owners,or visitors to send us a message. However that message may not be a stupid question, because this is not a question box folks. This contact form is for rather important matters. Please use WISELY.

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Just in case, however, I have listed my personal contacts below.

AIM: Kentuckyangel730
Email: [email protected]


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