{ Sales Contract }

MW reserves buyback rights on all horses sold by us. We make sure all of the horses we sell go to good, active homes where they will be well-cared for and raced actively.When you buy one of our horses, we would like to see your stable url and a horse page as soon as possible.You have one month to provide a page. When you decide to sell a horse you bought from MW please contact us so we can re-purchase that animal. Even if a horse is being mistreated and put in the humane society or being put up for auction, MW gets rights back to have that horse.

{ Breeding Contract }

MW is home to fine thoroughbreds. And when you breed to one of our studs we guarentee a winner on the racetrack. (See Incentive Program) We also request a page url for your foal as soon as possible. If we do not recieve one by two-four weeks, MW has the rights to buy back that offspring. All mares bred to our MW stallions must be approved. For a mare to be approved, she must have a pedigree dating back to her great grandparents, a good show or race record, and must be a pure bred.We prefer only thoroughbred mares but if you have an exceptional Warmblood,Appaloosa,Paint,Quarter Horse,or Arabian we might approve. If your mare is turned down you may feel welcome to try agian with another mare.Any outside mare breeding to one of our stallions will be boarded in MW's broodmare barn for two weeks. Once the foal is born within that time we will send you a report on the foal's heath and the basic stats. You may pick the gender,color exc. or we offer free services of the statistic picking. We also have a Thoroughbred Color Guide if you need help picking colors.

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