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My name is Ashleigh Rollins and I am fourteen years old. I live in Paris Kentucky. Yes it is awesome and gorgeous. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I was actually born in Michigan,moved to New Jersey than moved to Kentucky five years ago.I love thoroughbred racing with all my heart, it's pretty much my obsession : P I own a fiesty thoroughbred yearling filly, Native's Excalibur, or "Cal". She is by the great sire Woodman. I purchased her when she was a couple months old, the farm where I board Cal sold her willingly because of her poor confirmation. I've only ridden Cal a couple times(not on the track,because i'm not old enough to get my gallop license) but I hope she'll mature to become a stakes winner someday!

My own personal goal and dream in life is to become a jockey for thoroughbred racehorses. I am 5'4 and 110 pounds, pretty tall for a jockey. I hope I can make the hieght necessary though and win the Kentucky Derby!

I started sim horse games about four years ago before I knew of the law that you have to be 13.I met Jockey's Room vice president Katie in Janurary at the sim horse game Equine Esteem.Katie and I have a lot in common we found out when we talked online. She used to live in Kentucky and loves thoroughbred racing.As far as web design she is the more "skilled" one. I've been doing html for a two years now. I love horse sim games now and more recently the world of inter sim racing,auctioning,and breeding. My goal for Jockey's Room is for it to become one of the most known,greatest thoroughbred racing games on the web. Like Impulsion and Horses Forever are with the regualr horse sims.

Myrtlewood Thoroughbreds was some creative name I made up when I decided to wirte a series on thoroughbred racing. That series will come out someday ; ) Myrtlewood was a champion filly from the 30's I believe. I plan on bringing the horses from my story into The Jockey's Room and Myrtlewood Thoroughbreds.Well thats all about me.


Everything on this website is fake for the horseracing SIM called The Jockey's Room. The slogan/web content is 2004 copyright Ashleigh Rollins. The main image graphics are styled by Lydia A. Williams and used with permission. I also use photographs from the following photographers and have emailied permission from:Lauren Pomeroy,Alex Evers,Loree Ethell,Nikki Sherman,Alibhai,Ashley Gibson,Derek Damman,Lydia A. Williams,Susie Raisher,Genna Cui and the Carrot Lunch team.If I have mistaken a photo and you'd like credit or the photo removed, please let me know and it will be done ASAP. If this is the case I am extremely sorry and it was most likely not on purpose, rather someone gave me the photo to use. Another thanks goes to Juclecia, who kindly helped me with the image mapping on this site.
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