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............. explanation of pedigree and the broodmares suitable


Originality of Name: 5/5 pts.
His name is very appropriate for a fearsome racehorse.

Conformation: 19/20 pts.
A very well-built colt! His conformation is everything a Thoroughbred's should be. However, his neck doesn't seem to be set right on his shoulders.

Gaits: 40/40 pts.
A great racehorse, as has been said many times before. His gallop is mind-boggling with excellent speed and power.

Show Record: 25/25 pts.
WOW! Over $7million in earnings and an almost Triple Crown Winner? Just wow.

Pedigree: 5/5 pts.
Excellent lines! I'm a fan of Deputy Minister and Genuine Risk so this colt combines the best of both worlds.

Total Points: 99/100 pts.
Valedictorian Rated!
I actually knew Hurricane when he was a member of Showtime. Who would have guessed then he would be a near Triple Crown winner!

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