Bryce 5 ®

Poser Pro Pack®

Knots 3D
Make 3D Celtic knots and import them into your favorite 3D program.

Digital Artist  

Dr. Ken "Mojo" Musgrave
The father of Bryce. His dissertation entitled "Methods for Realistic Landscape Imaging" not only earned him his PHD (which he was awarded in 1993) but also paved the way for Eric Wanger, Ki Kraus, and a host of other programmers to create Bryce. His new project is Mojo World.

Kelly McLarnon
A very talented young Artist who has created phenomenal works for many years now.

Traveling Uncle Nat
He has not only created fun and unique art but has also written a story for each image. In journal style we follow his journey through amazing places.

Family, Friends & Colleagues  

Chris Nuccio
My husband who is the IT/New Media Director for Leo Tucheli Productions. He is also a DVD author, neophyte filmmaker and raconteur. :)

Mike Sheehan
Concert photographer and all around great guy. He has snapped the likes of Jerry Garcia, Bob Dillian, Wide Spread Panic, and many more.

Happy Nowhere
A local comedy troop here in Birmingham AL. I know a few of the performers/producers. Check them out...

Killer Bones Productions
An Independent filmmaker I have worked with.

A Birmingham Area band with an eclectic sound and contemplative lyrics. If your in the Magick City check them out.

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