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16" OEM Alloy Wheels


Exterior Images w/
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Using W211 chassis alloy wheels on a W210 chassis


Garage Door Opener Instructions


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Flexible Service System (FSS)


Flexible Service System (FSS) Reset Instructions


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CD Changer / Trunk-Mounted Location


Oil Change using
an Oil Extractor


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Clearing the ABS / ESP / BAS Warning Lights


2001 E320
Operator's Manual


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2001 Mercedes-Benz E320
Oil Change Using an Oil Extractor

Oil Filter Housing Cap and Oil Cap/Filler with Engine Cover Installed
Make sure engine is warmed up so oil will extract easily (68 degrees - 158 degrees)
Oil Filter Housing Cap, Oil Cap/Filler and Oil Dipstick with Engine Cover Partially Removed
Simply pull up the engine cover to remove; no tools required
Engine Cover Removed
With engine cover removed, access to oil filter assembly is a lot easier
Oil filter wrench with oil filter assembly almost removed
Oil filter assembly removed
Old filter pulls straight off of shaft; may have to twist to remove filter
Remove and replace all O-rings, install new oil filter
Harbor-Freight 6-1/4 Gal. Oil Extractor, Model 46149
Many extractor brands and models to choose from; some pressurize with a hand pump
This model uses air from an air compressor; no hand-pumping to pressurize
and comes with 5 different extractor probes, 3 nylon and 2 copper
Gauge shows air pressure almost full and ready for use
Sight-gauge on tank makes it easy to see oil level in recovery tank
Line from extractor with nylon probe attached and fed into dipstick tube
Valve in 'off' position; ready to extract oil
Oil being extracted into tank
Re-install oil filter; torque to 18 lbs. and re-insert oil dipstick


My 2001 E320 takes 8.5 quarts of Mobil 1 0W-40, Mercedes spec 229.3 or Mobil 1 5w-40 Formula M, Mercedes spec 229.5 oil.

I put in 8.0 quarts and verified oil level with dipstick, then topped off






Run engine a few minutes, turn off and allow oil to drain down
and re-check oil level with dipstick and engine oil level indicator
All done; no more $160 oil changes at the M-B dealer...



Harbor-Freight Central Hydraulics 6 1/4 Gallon Oil Extractor



Photos by Ricky D.