"I Am My Own Twin"
This web site is to provide you the viewers information on "Chimera". To let you know the situation I was put in due to having this medical mystery.

If you have seen my documentary " I Am My Own Twin" than you understand the reasoning behind this site.Just to tell a little of what had happend:

Having two children and pregnant with my third child I got on state assistance to get help. Doing so I needed to do DNA testing to determine the father of my children. We did so to find that he is the father only I was no way the biological mother of my children.

I was interrogated several different times hours at a time. I was treated like a criminal. Horrible accusations were made and threats of them coming at any time to take my children out of my care.

Pregnant with my third child the judge ruled for a witness to be their and do DNA testing. They did and too this child I had just given birth to came back as not my child.

The best doctors at Harvard University studied my families DNA and discovered I have, chimera, two different DNA's.
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