Maytown Spur RoadThe Maytown Branch

The Maytown/Bensen Junction Branch
Map of south Volusia County, Florida.

This part of the FEC was actually two separate branches which crossed at Maytown. One branch left the main line in Titusville and wandered inland through Maytown and connected with the ACL at Bensen Junction. The FEC abandoned and removed most of this line around 1975. The other, newer line (not added until after 1915) was the "Kissimmee Valley" branch, which when completed passed South from New Smyrna Beach, through a junction at Maytown, and went South towards Lake Okeechobee. This map, published and copyrighted by DeLorme , is current but is very useful because it still shows the FEC line from Titusville to Bensen Junction (just west of Osteen) via Maytown, and the line from Edgewater (New Smyrna Beach) to Maytown. Missing from the map is only the continuation of the Kissimmee Branch which continued on from this point at Maytown, likely because it was removed many years before the rest of the Maytown lines (Seth Bramson's research determined that the FEC ceased operation on it in 1947, a logging railroad operated the northern part up to Maytown for about four more years, and the track was likely gone not long after) I use a dashed line to highlight current trails and roads on the map which evidently are on the former right-of-way.
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End of the tracks between Aurantia and Maytown I-95 Crosses the FEC at Aurantia South Leg at the Maytown Junction Between Osteen and Enterprise I-95 crosses the FEC along Maytown Road Titusville/Maytown Tracks, one mile South of Aurantia FEC siding north of Aurantia FEC Righ-Of-Way near Cow Creek

Maytown Branch right-of-way headed west under I-95 The view of the old New Smyrna/Maytown branch right-of-way looking westward at the I-95 overpass (you can barely see Maytown Road on the right). The height of the bridge hints of an abandoned railroad track, the height of the tree in the right-of-way argues that it must have been a very long time ago. Click the area on the interactive map above to see this spot from the other side of the bridge.

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