What are the Different Types of Vape Coils?

Vape coils are an important part of your vaping device, which create vapor when you inhale. They are also called atomizers and atomizer heads. There are different types of vape coils for different electronic cigarette devices that all are working in the same way. The smart heating system in the Elux Legend 3500 puffs allows very uniform puffs without the hassle of changing the pods and coils.

Vape coils are made up of an outer casing made from metal and the inside casing is a wire coil. Then there is a wicking material pushed through the coil or wrapped around it. When you press the button on your vape battery, it delivers the power to the coil. As the power was delivered through the coil, it started heating up. The coil is heating up and you are drawing the e-liquid onto it through the wicking, e-liquid hits the coil and turns into vapor for you to inhale.

Materials Used for Manufacturing the Vape Coils:

The wire coil inside your vaping device is made up of several materials. Each type depends on the wire type you might need specific features on your electronic cigarette to use them.


Kanthal is a common type of wire, which is an alloy of three different metals such as iron, chromium, and aluminum alloy. It is the most popular material to make vape coils because of its flexible, durable, easy-to-find, and inexpensive properties.


It is very similar to the kanthal type, but it is composed of two metals such as nickel and chrome alloy. It has a faster ramp-up time but it can be allergic to some users and has a lower melting point and dry burning at too high a heat can lead to fires and damage.

Stainless Steel:

These are more popular because they can be used both for wattage vaping and temperature control vaping. Stainless steel is quite inexpensive and can be widely accessible.

Different Types of Vaping Coil:

Vertical Coil:

The vertical coil is the most popular type of vape coil. It will be a singular wrap of wire in a coil shape, which is running from the bottom of the metal casing to the top. The wicking material in this type can be wrapped around it so that the air moves through the center of the coil wire.

Dual Coil:

This is the same as a vertical coil but there are two wraps of coil wire usually side by side. It is having double the number of coils, which means double the elements heating the e-liquid and producing more vapor.

Multiple Coils:

This type of vape coil is made with multiple wire coils, which are above eight wires or more. They have a massive surface area, which is specially designed for Direct to Lung vaping by using high powers and producing huge clouds of vapor.


From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about the vape coil types. It is important to know about the vape coil wire type used in your vaping device in order to change or repair your vape coil to make it last longer.

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