How to Send a Self-Destructing Message Using Pirvnota?

Whenever you want to send a personal message and you need to keep your communication safe and secure, using a messaging service like Pirvnota is an excellent option. A private note is a service that allows you to send messages with a self-destruction property. Self-destructing messages are like normal texts, but they are having the property of destroying themselves after a certain amount of time. this type of message is the perfect option whenever you want to share your sensitive information or don’t want your messages to be stored on someone’s device. In this article, we are going to discuss how to send a self-destructing message in simple steps.

Choosing the Right Messaging Platform:

When you want to send a self-destructing message, you must select the right messaging platform. There are different options are available, you must choose the one that suits your needs. Pirvnota is the most common popular messaging platform that doesn’t need to create an account or install any software for the recipients in order to send any confidential message. This private note platform generates a unique link that can be shared with anyone. Once the message has been read by the recipient, the link gets expired, so that your message stays confidential. This platform is designed to work with any browser, which makes it ideal for sending sensitive information easily and quickly.

Select the Contact:

Sending a self-destructing message is an excellent way to send your sensitive information and message in order to make your message more secure. To send a message, make sure to select the contact you want to send a message. Also, it can be done by opening the contact list on your phone or by entering the phone number of your recipient.

Type a Message with Self-Destruction Property:

After you select the contact to who you want to send a message, you can start typing the message you want to send. Also, it can be done by opening up a message service and writing on the blank page for starting a new chat. Make sure to type your message carefully because it is impossible to edit the message once it has been sent. Once you finish typing your message then press the send button.

Set Timer:

If you want to make your sensitive message and information stay confidential, sending a self-destructing message is a perfect option. After you enter your text, you can start to click on show parameters. There will be different message criteria available when you send your message. Then clicking on the note will self-destruct and set the time for how long your message should remain visible before it gets deleted automatically.


When you want to add more confidentiality to your message, consider using a password. Pirvnota is a service that uses encryption in order to protect the content of your private note and provides you the link to access the note. 

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