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Grand Newsletter
New Millennium Edition

May 1,  2002   Volume 12 Issue 5

Page 6


Anthurium Chapter #146 Order of the Eastern Star presented a Fellowship Breakfast at Messiah Baptist Church in Los Angeles on March 23, 2002.
   With Home Going Services of Brother Jimmie Davis being held at the same time, many of the members were not in attendance but God is good and everything worked out just fine.
   Ill. Omar Scaife was to be the Master of Ceremony but Bro. Yancy stood in for him since he was performing the Homegoing service for Bro. Jimmie Davis.
   Sister Eula Cohen (right) a member of Messiah Baptist Church arrange for the location.
   Speaker of the hour Ms. Ray La Mont delivered a very informative message and Bro. Yancy kept the audience entertained as he can do.
   Catering was done by Rembrant Catering and Craft was displayed by Ida Lee Clark's Craft.
   The committee for the Fellowship Breakfast wish to thank all participates and wish God's blessing on all.
  Committee members for the affair were Sisters Elizabeth Bailey, Patricia Coleman, Andrea Alexander, Denise Calloway, Bertie Beasley, Fernnelia Wilson, Kathy Butler, Eula Cohen, and Eula Chadler.

Sister Bertha Butler (above) and Grand Matron were inseparable during their recent Los Angeles visit as could be seen above at Home Going service for Sister Mayfield's daughter.
Grand Matrons schedule was quite busy during her visit-- Funeral Services, Workshop, Chapter Visits, Matrons Council, Church, eating (smile) and the list goes on.
Oh, and let's not forget an important event called.
Grand Matron also attended  the One Hundred Christian Women in White program which was held at:

Victory Baptist Church
4802 south McKinley Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca. 90011
Rev. W. Edward Jenkins  Pastor

This event was held on Sunday, March 10, 2002 at 3:30 P.M.
The program theme was "Christian Women In White Reaffirming their Faith In the Mist of Calamities"
taken from Exodus 14:13-16
   The speaker  was Mrs. Claudetta Williams of  Zion Baptist Church.
   Grand Matron  Williams was on hand to witness this function and compare it with the one performed in the Northern Area a month or so back.

The committee must be commended for their efforts in making this event so special. 

   The committee members were:
Sis. Queen E. Traylor, Chairperson, Sis. Estella McMillan, Co-Chairperson, Sis. Lyvester Hyter, Sis. Dorothy Bowen's, Sis. Patricia Taylor, Sis. Dorothy Simmons and Sis. Verita Brown

Brother Yancy seem to have a way of making the youth feel quite comfortable standing in front of  a crowd as seen above at the Anthurium Fellowship Prayer Breakfast.

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