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Why this page was constructed
This page is being written to act as a guide for the now out of print Mutant Chronicles RPG system. You won't find a complete list of all the rules and character gen, and so on, but you will find quite a bit of information on the different corporations and some of the weapons in the game and then also some of the weapons that have been created and submitted by varius players.

Also for those who run their own Mutant Chronicles campains this site will include some of the basic modules that other GM's have run. To protect the other MC Gods out there, we will only list a brief description of the module or campain and more detailed knowledge can be sent upon request.

Movie is in Production!!!! Staring Thomas Jane as Major Mitch Hunter!!!! Per it should be out in 2007!!!!








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Warzone Online
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What is Mutant Chronicles?

Mutant Chronicles is a futuristic fantasy world. Based in this solar system it is several millenia into the future. In a world run by corporations there are 5 major corporations, and then added in are The Brotherhood and The Dark Legion, there are endless possibilities for adventure. To find out more information on a particular corporation or group click on their logo to the left.

Some More Non-RPG Information

Mutant Chronicles is not only an RPG but there is also a game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES), three novels, two collectable card games(Doomtrooper and Dark Eden), I have been told some comics were also written, and then the movie project. The movie appears to have been completely stalled after endless rewrites and revamps it seems that Hollywood has lost all interest. If this changes I will update this page. UPDATE: The movie is in production now staring Thomas Jane(Punisher) as the famed Major Mitch Hunter!!! Per it should be out in 2007 sometime!

Here are some links for the movie project:'s MC page
Word Ballon - Audio interview with Thomas about Mutant Chronicles as well as other projects.
Teaser Trailer - See the teaser trailer and stills.
9/8/2006: Added movie information and links.
1/18/2002: Added Shadow Walker Heirarchy to the Shadow Walker page.
2/14/2002: Added Shadow Walker Crime and Punishment to the Shadow Walker page.
2/19/2002: Added Mishiman Military Special Events Table to the Player Written Material page

If there is any information missing or if you have questions send an e-mail to:
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Legal Stuff
I make no claim or take any money from this site. All credit and thanks goes to those who own the copyrights for the artwork and material contained within. I know that Paradox Plaza has purchaces the rights to the movie but not sure who has the RPG rights. To whoever does, thanks for letting me post this information as the RPG is basically out of print and there are still yet people who would love to begin playing the game.
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