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October 1999



Well chaps, its been another great weekend for 609. Out of the remaining 4 missions flown in 1942, we had an outstanding result of 3 x 2-0 victories, and 1x 1-1 draw. If you've not viewed the results, go to the War room or statistics page to check out all the 'V's! The score now stands at a tentative 2550 pts to us and 2400 to them. I am still waiting on the debrief/score...whatever from 1 mission in 1941. Please check and see if its yours, as our score is innaccurate until this is determined. Don't let me have to ask NJG88 for the score.

Congrats to Mrs SSGF who has made ace status with her kill this weekend. Great stuff Mrs! At the time of writing, I'm still waiting on the 2 debriefs from last night, and 1 from Falcon. These are extremely important, as they'll give our chaps information on changing enemy tactics, so include as much relevant stuff as you can. Chaps, I'm proud of you. We kept a stiff upper lip during the 2 1/2 years we were shortchanged by having to fly the somewhat weedy Spit1a, and now we've got our premier aircraft, we're cleaning up and showing our true 609 colours. Well done. Lets continue to keep up the good work in the coming sorties for '43. They'll be flying the FW190 A-8 and I'm sure'll have a few tricks up their sleeves.

There have been some changes made to the ROE so check these out (very important) in 'War Rules'. And last, but most certainly not least, we have a new CO at last. Rel has been unanimously elected as our new Squadron Leader. Long may he reign!

S! all. Comp.



S! all!

Firstly, thanks to all of you fine people for keeping the Squadron up and running the last month or so and for all your kind words regarding our big move down south. We're just about settled in now, though we still have to find jobs. Therefore, my capacity as regards 609 is still limited, though I will do my utmost to keep up our site. By all accounts the last month has not been easy for 609, what with the Skipper leaving, me away and the war going full tilt. I think you've all done magnificently and you're a credit to our outfit. Special thanks to Kos and Rel for their efforts.

I was really sorry to hear that Icepick left us, but I know that running this Squadron is hard work. He expressed to me that he just doesn't have enough time to do this and work a job. We all understand Pick and hope you can rejoin us at a later date. To those who don't know, Pick was one of the first to join No609, and it was partly through his enthusiasm and efforts that we became the respected force we are today. When he took over we had little organisation and with Pick at the head we quickly gained recruits and momentum. S! my friend.

That said, we now have no official C.O. When I returned, I spoke with a couple of people who assumed that I would take over the Squad, being next in line in terms of rank. For the record, here's what I think; I may be a good XO, but I think there are others better suited to the job of C.O. This is an important job, and should be given to the pilot most suitable regardless of rank or seniority. I have no wish to upset or anger others who may be in line for this post, but I would personally like to see Relent become our new Squadron Leader. We have now an abundance of first-rate pilots in No609 but, it seems to me, Relent has a natural ability for organisation, strategy and is one of our premier pilots. I think that this should be agreed upon throughout the Squadron. Could you all let me know how you feel about this. Naturally, anything said to me will be held in confidence. As XO, I believe it is my duty to get this worked out as soon as possible. I spoke very breifly to Rel regarding this, and he seemed genuinely surprised and expressed a wish to talk to all parties in line for the post, so maybe we should have a meeting. I hope I'm not being out of line expressing my thoughts here, but this is most urgent. There's a war on!

And talking of which, congratulations to all pilots who flew last weekend. For those of you who dont know, we now have 3 new V's on the 1942 table in the Waroom. Weekend's score was, I believe 6-2 (still waiting on debrief of one mission) with 3x 2-0 victories to 609. Well done lads! The tide appears to be turning. Also up are all debriefs sent to me during the last month which should be essential reading. I am missing 2 mission debriefs from '41 and have no score for these missions. If your score and debrief is not up, please re-send to me. Please note that my address has changed. ([email protected]). I read on the NJG 88 site that they would like to see our war results on our site. Gentlemen, I will work on it this week. I also need to update the roster, so could someone in the know send me a list of sections and their pilots as I'm way behind. I also need to update kill scores...this gets complex working out war kills with ladder kills and may take a while. I need a new roster list before I can work out top section etc...Also, a collision will now be counted as a kill as well as a loss. Fair's fair. See you all soon chaps. Comp.





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