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May 2000



S! 609,

As promised, I will update this page as often as possible's the latest beef;

M. Raptor has now changed his name back to his previous moniker of 'Icepick' much to my relief. I never could get used to 'Mettallic Raptor' and I can now call him by his real name as well as some others of my choosing.

OzZiggy has written a new diary entry at long last, after several months. For those who've not read his diary of squadron events and happenings in the air and on the ground, go to the navigation list and go to 'Diary' for a right good yarn.

War talks continue and hopefully we'll get a scrap within the next month or so. Skipper has complained that attendance has been depressingly low in recent weeks. I know you're all busy but try to make training as well as filling the ranks at Kali and the Zone as often as you can. I know we all tend to spend less time inside during the Summer months but lets all make the effort. Our sqn's survival may depend on it!

To those who have not seen, I have posted No.609 kills/losses by day and month for 1939-40 (so far) at foot of 'Dunkirk' and 'Battle of Britain' history pages. You can click the above highlighted words to easily view these now.

If any of you chaps, new and old have any ideas regards the sqn or site, let me know.

Tally Ho!





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