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March 2000




As you may have noticed I've not been about for a couple of weeks. There are a couple of reasons for this that some of you may be aware of. The whole FC war talks process was getting me down and the FM debate got completely out of hand. I decided to take a rest for a bit and forget about the whole deal.

The other reason is my wife Susan is pregnant (going on 4 months) and as you can imagine, the squadron has to take a back seat for me at the moment. I am very sorry about the delays in Roster updates etc...and I feel bad about not being about much but there you go. I shall try to be around more and help out the rest of our hard working staff.

Roster updates are now up. The messages I got from Flight Leaders were a little confused so please could you all check these out and make sure I've posted pilots correctly. As always...any discrepencies - let me know. I'm not sure about Redtail and haven't placed him on roster. Please excuse my ignorance Red but I don't know if you've passed evals yet or not.

There may be a Sqn war on the horizon but, as I've been away you all probably know more about this than me! Watch this space!

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