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April 2000



S! all,

War talks continue. There will be a ROE meeting this Saturday (see ROE forum at FC site). At present we have Davehaze down as our rep but another 609er may be handy. If you could go...please post in our forum. There are several things which need to be discussed. In any event, this will be a very different war to the last one with several different types of mission involved. Hopefully all will go well at the meeting. I'll keep you posted.

Bugsy has been posted to Blue Section as Kos' wingman. Bimmr has been posted to Orange Section as Shredd's Wingman. Congrats to both of you. If there are any discrepencies regarding these postings, please let me know.

As you may have seen, the last instalment of the 609 History went up last week. This covers the two momentous years may 1943-45. Its a big page with lots of photos, anecdotes be patient with the download.

I will be out of town this weekend so I'll be missing training, but I hope to see you all next week.

S! Comp.



S! everyone,

Lots going on right now;

It gives me very great pleasure to announce that our good ol' skipper Relent has at long last been promoted! No one deserves this more for the exceptional work he's put into the sqn. Rel now holds the rank of Winco, recieving a white flying helmet and an induction ceremony of your choice, possibly involving black boot polish. Rel will command the Biggin Hill Wing in FC, comprising No609 and No457 Sqns.

I've been busy with updating Fighter Command site to bring us all up to date. No457 (our old C Flight), No341 and No401 sqns have joined which now gives us 11 sqns plus the 3 USAAF sqns as part of USAAF Fighter Command. 14 Allied Sqns and only 4 Jerry so far. Seems like we may be experiencing a similar problem on a large scale to that of our NJG war last year, namely...they have fewer pilots getting more experience by flying more missions. Just like the real thing! Apparently OKL have been having trouble recruiting Euro-based Axis sqns so...if you're online and you meet any German pilots...spread the word.

I would like it if you took the time to visit the site as often as possible. There is now a pop-up link at the bottom of our 'Home' Page for your ease of navigation. FC Forum now has links to as many RAF Forums as I can get addresses for. If you're online and just going to go to our forum it may be an idea to go to FC site and surf around to check whats going on in the EAW RAF community.

Lastly, but not leastly I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to get online these days and see so many of our new recruits about. It seems to be the general opinion that we've never had such a large number of gung-ho recruits at one time and your attendance and keeness to learn has been noted by all. I have had the pleasure of flying with Bull, Bilko, Redtail and others this week, who've all put up a hell of a fight and seem to get better by the day. I expect you'll all be beating the flying pants off of me in a couple of months so I'll get you while I can. Please continue to hang in there until your de-sprogging. There are about 4 new recruits who have not been added to the roster. My computer screwed up last week and I had to reinstall so your addresses have been lost. If your name is not up on roster or tickertape...please re send your details to myself or Kos.

I hear from No457 Destroyer that they've got a spate of new Aussie recruits coming in and now have around 12 members! Seems their more favourable training times are paying off. Really good to hear. He tells me that Maceo and Munster did not inform him that they wished to go with C Flight in the move and their wishes remain unknown. Therefore, I've left your names up in Brown Section. It really would be more convenient for yourselves if you went to No457 as we'll continue to have the same training problems here otherwise but...its your choice and we'll all respect your opinion.

Thats about it for now chaps. Tally ho!

S! Comp.




Wow...its really been a while since I posted anything here! I've had a couple of important things happening here at home which have taken up my full attention, so as you know I've not been about too much. I shall now try to get back on top of things in the Sqn and update info etc...

As I've been away, you all probably know what's been happening better than I do but...just for the record here's some new announcements;

C Flight have been in talks for some while regarding the formation of their own squadron. This is mainly due to time zone problems and the difficulty of having to stay up until all hours of the night to get to saturday training. After much debate they've agreed to form No 457 Sqn as part of our Biggin wing in Fighter Command. All the C Flight chaps really had to think long and hard about this, as they all love No 609 as much as the rest of us. Although we're very sorry to lose our Aussie veterans, it's important to note that No 457 will be our sister sqn and we'll be keeping very strong ties in the future. As far as I know Destroyer will be C.O. and, if he runs as tight a ship in No 457 as he did in C Flight, they should be a force to be reckoned with.

There is a very large war brewing with Fighter Command and ( I think) our friends in the USAF getting together to fight the hun on a united front. OzZiggy has very kindly taken it upon himself to organise ROE and flight model discussions in my absence. Oz...I'll have to give you an official title for this post. Thanks very much my're a lifesaver.

My old mate M.Raptor has recently been promoted as second T/O in A Flight to help SSGF in his duties. Congratulations my friend!

I was online for the first time in weeks last night and, I must say I had a great time. There seem to be several new recruits showing up on a regular basis which is nice to see. Welcome to the sqn and keep on showing up...your presence is valued by us all. is your attitude, enthusiasm and commitment to the sqn which are of primary importance to us. Flying skills come with regular attendance. S! 609. Looking good!






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