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                   Natalia Oreiro                                                                                                                                                  

Super Tv Gu╠a,
28 de mayo al 4 de junio del 2000

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Recently she returned from Los Angeles, where she went to record her new disc:
Tu Veneno. And, without ruborizar herself, it assures that in this work her
great evolution like singer will notice. For that reason, while all wait for
the return of Natalia Oreiro to the soap operas, the fiancee of Pablo
Echarri insists on speaking of music and the presentations that think to
make in the theater Gran Rex. " For me this album is a bet very hard, and I
am convinced that it is going to walk very well ", affirms the girl.

- By the sight, you are very safe of your self.
- Not as much. That way, by my aspect they can think that I am a very safe
girl, but is not always thus. I know that when I want something I must work
and to work until breaking cu to me... (se laughs). And the truth is that I
have lots of fears and that I prepared much to make this disc. What happens
is that, when one puts as much energy in something, it ends up losing
objectivity. Nevertheless, I know that it is a very worthy product and that
in him is going away to be able to see a growth, as much in the musical
comedy as in the voice.

- When it is going to leave on sale?
- If everything comes out well, in June it is going to begin the diffusion
and in July already it goes to be in the music shops.

- And there will be some surprise?
- I believe that yes. But, exactly, the idea is to surprise without
defrauding. Although it has a continuity with my previous work, this disc is
not as Latin as the other. More well, they are sixteen songs that very hard
have a mixture of pop rock with gypsy music.

- Why gypsy?
- Because they are my roots.

- You included some subject of your responsibility?
- There are two in that I participated the authors along with, but none is
exclusively mine. To me I like much to write although, lamentably, it costs
me to do it in form of songs. It is because I do not understand much so far
the metric one... (she laughs). But I joined myself daily with the composers
to say to them of what things wanted to speak.

- And of what to you want to speak?
- Of love, the friendship and everything that is not well and I would like
to change.

- Do you predict to leave for tour to promote the album?
- Yes, I am not going to have average more re because I am already being
spent the silver in advance... But me I am going it to bancar without
problems, because to me it fascinates to me to sing. I already have
programmed around forty shows by Latin America, Europe and the United
States, so I hope that it goes to me well.

- Do you think that you could have the reputation of Thalía or
Shakira at international level?
- I do not know it, but we are going to see...

- You have a good support: you took to the band Diego Torres.
- It seems to me an incredible musician and I have to three of whom they
integrated his band. But, alltogether, I have a group of sixteen musicians,
of who twelve are fixed. And, when we get in touch in the Gran Rex, we are
not less than twenty.

- For when is presentation predicted?
- For August. And I am already quite nervous for that reason...

- Aren't you thinking of returning to the soap operas?
- It would enchant me to return and do something in television, but I do not
know if specifically a soap opera. What I know is that by the end of 2001 I
am going to return to act.

- You had proposals to do something outside?
- Yes, I had a proposal in the United States to make television and cinema
there, but the truth is that I do not have the desire to go out of the

- How does Muneca Brava have been going in the outside?
- Thank God, is being seen with much success in several countries.

- You remained with the desire to receive the Mart╠n Fierro like Best
Dramatic Actress?
- No, for nothing. I received the one of Best Soap Opera for Muneca Brava,
that already we had gained last year, and did not hope to take with me no
prize this time. In addition, it is very difficult to compete with
incredibly great women as they are Ines Estévez and Soledad Villamil.
And the truth is that, although I did the best possible thing with my work,
it is not the same to record thirty scenes per day than to make a program
per week. In fact, to me I would like that there was a short list for
actresses of soap operas and another one for protagonists of Unitarians. "
Because I felt very proud when they named me but, sincerely, i knew that it
had very few possibilities of winning.

- Now you prefer music before the performance?
- No, absolutely. The two things are part of my life and my race, so I take
them in the heart. The last year the more hard for me was Muneca Brava and
this, however, more hard it is music and I want to dedicate myself to her. I
believe that that is the only way to make things affluent.

- Why do you think that the public chooses you?
- It would be necessary to ask it from the people. But I suppose that it is
because I am a sincere woman who I play for the reasons that I want.

- Finally, what what do think of the career that Pablo is doing?
- I am very proud. I went to the opening of Plata quemada and it seemed
incredible to me. I do not have doubt that more national productions make
lack of that level, with actors like Leo (Sbaraglia), Gallego (Noriega) and,
of course, like Pablo.

- Will not be that you do not want to publicly criticize a film in which
your fiancee works?
- Pablo knows very well that I always say the truth.

Nancy Dur╚.

Translated by Stella








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