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                  Natalia Oreiro                                                                                                                                                    



Greek Magazine "Tile Control"
Issue: 443


Natalia Oreiro:

She found out very early that Pablo Echarri was the man for her. They were
met at their agent's office in 1994 and they realized that, even though they
were working together in the same soap, they never actually met outside the
set. This was natural of course since at that period of time Natalia was
starting her career and her part in the telenovela "Incoquistable Corazon"
was small and she didn't have too many shoots. One and a half year ago their
relationship has been through a crisis and Natalia found a refuge to her
parents house in Montevideo.
Natalia, probably to annoy Pablo, she appeared to a foundation with rock
star singer Ivan Noble. This appearance and the photos that went along with
it, which could not be avoided by the photographers, where printed in all
magazines. Finally, though, neither she or Pablo  could stay apart no more.
Her reconnection with Echarri was accompanied by a trip in Sacarrema, a
small town outside Rio, were they spend a wonderful week together enjoyng
the sun and the sea. This year Pablo was her companion on the annual Martin
Fierro tv awards where she took the statue for her appearance on the most
seccussfull telenovela of television "Muneca Brava".
Natalia was also present on the official premiere of his new movie "Plata


Translated by Stella








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