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                  Natalia Oreiro                                                                                                                                                    





A "doll" that we have known through the latinamerican telenovelas "Muneca
Brava" (aka Milagros in Greece) has made her counter
with absolute success to the music world too. Her first album is a fact, but
her success is even bigger since her album has been gold and twice platinum.

  Natalia's Cd is full of Latin pop hits  and beautiful balants of salsa,
flamengo and cuban rhythums. At this moment, her album is on the top 5
weekly greek chart along with the novelas song Cambio Dolor.
  The great sale that the song has put Natalia record company BMG priotiy
to bring her on September to our country.
  Natalia's career began when she was still a teenager doing some
commercials. Later on, she made the big step to television and late on
invaded to the fantastic world of cinema. Right now, she is one of the most
famous women in Argentina. On the movie "An Argentinian in New York" she
plays the role of a latin star and for the movie she had to record two
songs. Then she discovered that she wanted to be a singer.
  Herself in an interview that she has given said that her mother urged her
to sing because she inherited her mother's voice. She always had music
lessons, but at some point she gave them up and started again three years
  So, when they proposed to her to make the cd, she was sure that she could
do it. She characteristically said: "Everyone expected me to sing like a
frog, but when they heard me they were very pleased".
  To a question if she believes that people is buying her album because they
know her as an actor or because her sounds have quality, she answered that
she believes that they are buying it for whats in the record and not for her
image as an actor. Otherwise, they would have taken a magazine and seen her
picture or they would have watched her on tv.
  In any event, on Star channel's "Muneca Brava", which is watched this time
of year, her relationship with Ivo will have a hopefull end since she will
wear the wedding dress and she will be accompanied by her father down the


Translated by Stella








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