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                   Natalia Oreiro- Interview                                                                                                                                  



Audacious girl

 The perfect curves, the sexy glance, the Natalia style without inhibitions. The disc "Tu Veneno" was
recorded between Buenos Aires, Madrid, and Los Angeles, in the United States. It has fifteen songs
with a fusion of styles that include pop, funk, andalusian music, the blues and ballads. Natalia teams
up with the Spanish group "Siempre Asi", and interprets a song written specially by Andrés Calamaro.
" In this disc I became involved in some other aspects. I love the first one, but this one feels more
like me. In October I am going to present/display it in Buenos Aires, and I would love to invite my mother to sing with me on stage. "She will be my guest star",said Natalia.

Seduction and feelings

With the hairstyle she carries on the video of "Tu Veneno". "I am not always seducing. On the contrary, I am much more the easy going girl than the seductive one"

Natalia Oreiro opens the door, greets us and offers us coffee or a glass of water. She serves water for herself and sits in a tiny chair. She is wearing faded jeans and a beige sweater that nobody knows if it's too small for her or if it's just her style. Her look would wake up the affectionate commentary of
any grandmother (Baby, for God's sake, take care of your appearance) but we all know that grandmothers don't understand how to conquer with informality. Natalia Oreiro, a 23 years old Uruguayan actress-singer, or vice versa seems to have been born with that gift. "When I arrived in Buenos Aires, just having what I gained with the novel "Inconquistable Corazon", which was pretty much nothing I rented a room with a bath in the house of an older lady. I lived there for a year"

-          Just one room?

The answer comes with a gesture. The gesture of someone who explains "It was a really tiny place" and
then with words, gives details "Everything happened to me there, but I couldn't tell my parents I was
suffering. Well, suffering is no exactly the word, but somehow being 17 and alone, waiting for things to work out, not knowing anyone, wanting to make tons of friends while being in a tough environment it's not easy. The first year was really hard emotionally. I remember the first birthday I woke up and no red rose was waiting for me, It was my 18th birthday, the first birthday I spent here in Buenos Aires. Instead of a rose, like my dad used to give me, I woke up with a huge cockroach in my bed. But I lived through it. I had to grow up, because I was the one I charge of my life"

Today Natalia must finish some business that involve fame an money as if she were 50. And  she didn't back down when she decided to step away from television and abandon the 25 points in rating that the
"telenovela" she stared in, Muñeca Brava, had to concentrate on music and her second CD.

"One thing is connected to the other. There were countries where my first CD was a big hit because of
the "telenovela" and there were others where the "telenovela" was a hit because of the CD. Then I had
to choose , because I couldn't act and sing at the same time. Besides, in Muñeca Brava I put so much of me that I couldn't just finish in December y start again in March with another character"

-Aren't you concerned about giving up your place?

-Someone who is appealing to the audiences will always have success, and can appear anytime. That's why it bothers me that I get compared to artists that have, in theory at least, a more successful career. Because it happens sometimes, and not only on television, that instead of looking up at some of the best, to try to learn what they did well, everyone is just waiting for the big stars to fall. I have some friends in the business and I have introduced them to my producers, I tried to give them a hand and a lot of people told me I was crazy.

- But stars don't last foreverů

-No, but it also depends on what place you want to bein. I knew that to step away from television was crazy for many people. How could I leave 25 points in rating? In the channel they didn't wanted to, it was a struggle. But I always knew what I wanted. Now I've started to talk about returning, and thinking about how to come back.

- Therapy, Natalia? Psychoanalysis, maybe?

-Yes, I started a little less than a year ago. I am a very open person and I've suffered a lot, in many
ways. That's why therapy has been good for me. It hasn't changed my life; it has just helped me
organize, to have time once a week to talk about my feelings,  and everything that happens to me. There
are a lot of people who don't like therapy, but It has helped me.

- And you speak about Pablo Echarri? Or you'd rather not talk about that?

-That's right, I don't like to be asked about my personal life, and I have my reasons. Mi life is
already too public. Everyone already knows how I feel about him

-But, Natalia. Both are cute, young, successful.

-Yes, we know. And if the president gets asked about his son's romance, how can we escape the questions. Because the president has a lot of more importantthings to talk about and he gets asked about this .

-Can you imagine the rest of your life with him?

-I think and I imagine the present. And tomorrow I'll worry about tomorrow. I have no idea what could happen in my life. For me to say "I want to get married" would be wrong because it's not true. We love each other today, and we trust and hope we will one day get the point where we want to get married. But right now I cannot answer you that.

- Natalia, there is something about you for theoutsider. The mixture of naïve girl and sexy woman
that lives in you.

-That's what amuses me. I like to take risks but with my limits. I wouldn't do a nude scene, for example.
Because it won't help my career at all. I am not the kind of person who likes to be in the public eye a
lot. I've gained exposition for my part on the "telenovela" and now with the new album, but in the
last 5 or 6 months I haven't done interviews. Basically because I had nothing new to tell. There are
many artists who are more interested in appearing on magazines than they are on their work. I know there are a lot of people more interested in the new house I bought and my boyfriend than what I do for a living. That's' why I don't appear in public that much. I know I am a rather particular artist, because there aren't many girls of my age doing what I am doing. But telling everyone about my life, going out to deny this or that thing, it's not interesting for me. It's not who I am.

Los Angeles and the glamour of Hollywood are waiting for her. In less than 24 hours she will be on a giant studio, trying on beautiful dresses and working on movements and words. The cameras will follow her and she will be interviewed for the TV on Israel, among other countries, where her music (for some reason) has won over the audiences. There she will have a limousine and the opportunity to buy in the most prestigious places in the world. But that doesn't appear to be in her plans. "No, I think I may buy a
couple of gifts for my friends. Noting special for me. I don't like to spend much money, but I do believe
that if you invest well you'll gain. I'd rather buy things for the house. Did I tell you I like decoration?


by: Gonzalo Abascal













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