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 For Longer than Forever                                                                                                                                   

La foto es una cortesia de MB Chezch site Author: Lissete Lanuza
[email protected]
Author 's Warning: Spoiler Episode 154-155.
Rating : PG-13
Content Warning: Mili/Ivo
Dedication: I dedicate this to you Nikki

Yes. Eavesdropping was bad. Really bad. But you could say this was her house, after all, Don Federico was her father and she had some rights. Or she would have, if she ever came around to admitting she knew he was her father.

Anyway, the point is that she had some rights.

And to her, it meant she could listen to the conversation going on between Luisa and Nestor

without having to feel guilty about doing it.

After all, what could she hear she didn't already know?

Or so, Mili thought as she supported her weight against the doorframe and listened to the conversation

going on inside the studio.

"I think you should tell him now" Nestor was saying.

"Why? It'll ruin his wedding. I can't do that to Ivo"

Mili's face turned ashen as she realized they were talking about Ivo. Her brother. And the man she loved. A strange combination ...For some reason, she could not stop loving him. She had tried, God as her witness, she had tried.She had even agreed to marrying Sergio.But she still loved Ivo. She thought she might love him forever.

Mili forced herself to snap out of her reverie and continue listening. She had to know what was being said about Ivo.

"But he does NOT love her. You know that" Nestor was almost screaming now and he sounded very agitated.

"It's not about love" answered back Luisa, her voice a little less convinced than always.

"It should be" Nestor shot back and headed to the door

"Nestor, don't go. Please" Luisa asked, her voice soft now.

"I'll stay" he said, his voice almost a whisper.

Why can't they speak louder? thought Mili. I cannot hear them! How am I supposed to find out

what they are talking about if they don't talk louder?

As she thought this Mili leaned even closer, if that was possible, and continued listening to

the conversation.

"Please Luisa, you must tell him the truth. He must know"

"I ...."

"He must know Federico Di Carlo is not his father. I am"

Mili listened to the words but her brain refused to process them. Ivo was not Federico Di Carlo's

son? That couldn't be ... that would mean ... he was not her brother.

And suddenly, it became too much for Mili to handle and she slipped to the floor, unconscious.


The next time she opened her eyes she was in her room and Gloria was standing next to her, worry written all over her face.

"Are you okay Mili?" she asked, as she sat besides Mili in the bed.

Mili could not talk. Her head hurt and her thoughts were all confused. She didn't know anything. She wasn't sure about anything. Except one thing. Ivo was not her brother.But he was about to get married to another woman.

"Oh no!" she screamed "Oh no!"

"What's wrong?" asked Gloria, now a little more than worried.

"Ivo... where is he?" "Where is he" asked Mili, his voice filled with pain and a desperate lookin her eyes. She was about to loose him. She was about to lose the man she loved more than her life...

"He already left Mili... he is getting married today" Gloria said, her words slow and deliberate

"He is your brother"

"Oh no! You don't understand Gloria... you don't understand" Mili answered, and as she talked she moved to the bathroom and started changing clothes. She had to catch him. She had to.

"What are you doing?"

"I am going to look for him. I cannot let him get married. I cannot"

"Mili, he is your brother"

"NO, he is not , Gloria, he is not"


"I don't have time to explain it to you. I promise I will when I get back. I have to go get my man ..."

Mili shot back, as she finished getting dressed and walked... no... ran out of the room.

As the taxi stopped in front of the house, Mili looked at herself and sighed. Was she doing the right thing? Perhaps Ivo didn't love her ... Maybe she'd hurt him too much to forgive.

Oh, but she didn't meant to. She was just doing the right thing. What she thought was the right thing. Damn it. It was not. And she hated it.

She loved him. There was not doubt about that. He was the most important thing in her life, even though she did her best to hide it. She thought about him all day and dreamed about him all night.

He was the one. She knew that. There could never be another one after him. No one would be able to fill his place.

She did not intend to lose him.

And now she was here, standing in front of the house where Ivo was getting married.

She was afraid. Of him, of herself. Of everything.But she loved him and that was enough.She would fight for his love. And with that determination she prepared to enter the house


"And you, Ivo Dicarlo, do you take this woman to be your ......."

Ivo looked around. He looked at Florencia. And as he was  preparing to answer he heard her voice.

The voice that filled his dreams. It was Milagros.

"You can't marry"

He turned around and he saw her. Just standing there. Looking at him with tears in her eyes and a slight smile in her face. As if she was pleading with him not to marry.He had lost his voice. He wanted to scream, to tell everyone he loved Milagros and would never,ever stop. But he couldn't. He wanted to run to her and hold her close, never let her go. But his body was not cooperating. He just stood there, mesmerized by the sight of her.

Then, as if coming from a distant place, he heard Florencia's voice.

"Go away from here. How do you dare?"

"I dare because I love him. I dare because I am tired of pretending. I am tired of lies"

Mili took a couple of hesitant steps towards Ivo, but stopped before she reached him.

"Ivo, I love you. I have never felt for anyone what I feel for you and I probably never will.

I stand here, before you with my heart in my hands, waiting for you to love me back."

"I love you" Ivo murmured, his voice low and his lip trembling.

"What?" Florencia screamed. "You love ME"

Ivo looked at her, tenderness and a little pity in his eyes.

"No. I don't. I love her"

"Do you?" asked Mili, hope written all over her face.

"Yes. I love you Milagros. With all my heart" he smiled as he said the words he had been holdingback for such a long time. She was here, with him. She loved him. And that was all that mattered.

"Will you have me?"

She smiled, a smile so big it seemed to light up the room and walked until she was standing infront of him.

"Always" she said.

He smiled and with infinite tenderness took one of her hands and placed it in his chest, so she could feel his heart beat.

"This belongs to you" he said and kissed her.

She smiled to herself and kissed him back. He was all that mattered. The fact that Florencia was screaming like crazy, and her father was standing there looking pleased didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was them. They were together. And nothing would break them apart this time.

This time was forever.... No... for Longer than Forever.


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