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A very important conversation __________________________________________________

Author: Dimitra Ploumidou
[email protected]
Author 's Warning: Spoiler Episode 237(Greece)
Rating : PG-13
Content Warning: Mili/Ivo

It's Friday night and Millie has just returned from the disco where Gloria was celebrating her birthday. Ivo was also there but he was with Andrea (who else?). Millie is very sad when she starts talking with Gloria about Ivo. Gloria tells her that she must forget him and Millie says: "I will, I know that it will be difficult but tomorrow I will go out with Fabrizio and I will ask him to be my boyfriend!"

Gloria: "Oh, no, Millie, you can't do that! You love Ivo and you can't start a new relationship!"
Millie: Yes I love him with every beat of my heart (Shania???) but does he care about me???"
Gloria: "Well…"
Millie: "No, he doesn't Gloria. He is with Andrea and he will marry her, I can't live like that anymore!"
Gloria: "Ok, It's your choice, but please be careful, I only want your happiness!"
Millie: "Thanks!" Millie gives a hug to Gloria.  

The other day Gloria decides to talk to Ivo so she goes to his room and she tells him that Millie will go out with Fabrizio. Ivo doesn't say anything and he leaves the room.  

Millie and Fabrizio are in a restaurant and Millie is ready to talk to Fabrizio. Fabrizio understands what it is about and he tells her that he can wait. He also asks her to think about it better. She tells him that he is very nice and Fabrizio says that he will leave her to go home alone and to think about all these in the car. She agrees. Fabrizio leaves and Millie goes out where it's raining. She remembers all the good moments (the deserted house, Ibiza) that she has had with Ivo and she says to herself "It's true that Ivo was the real and the only love for me but it's also true that his betrayal was painful."  

Millie opens the door and she steps into the house. Ivo is sitting on the couch and he is waiting for her. When Millie sees him she doesn't say anything and she starts walking towards her room when suddenly Ivo says: "You have a boyfriend now haven't you? You didn't want to marry me but you want to marry Fabrizio. Well Done!"

Millie: "I will do whatever I want to!"
Ivo: "Oh, yeah! It's obvious that you do whatever you want to, especially with me! Firstly, you dumped me at the church when we were ready to get married, then you dumped me after our first time because you wanted Sergio and then when I had already proposed to you in front of my family you told me that you didn't love me anymore and you went to the convent. Aren't these enough proofs???"
Millie: "You don't know why I was doing all these so you'd better stop insulting me!"
Ivo: "I am insulting you. Oh, come on! You don't give a dam about my opinion!"
Millie: "You are wrong!"
Ivo: "Really? Tell me then why you did all these things to me?"
Millie: "I will tell you but could you please remember what YOU have done to me?"
Ivo: "Yes, I admit that firstly I was playing with you but after some time you knew that my love was real!"
Millie: "Your love was real. What the hell was real? That even though you loved me you got married to Florencia and you slept with Andrea?"
Ivo: "Florencia was a mistake and you know that I did it because I saw you with Sergio! And as far as Andrea is concerned you know that I didn't sleep with her when we were a couple!"
Millie: "Do you think I am idiot? I saw you with her. You were both naked!"
Ivo: "What are you talking about?"
Millie: "You cheated on me Ivo and you don't feel guilty because it's a habit for you."
Ivo: "I didn't cheat on you. I swear that I didn't sleep with Andrea when I was with you."
Millie: "You are lying!"
Ivo: "No, I am not."
Millie: "It doesn't matter! You are sleeping with her now."
Ivo: "It happened only once and it was because I was angry with you!" Millie: "Good revenge. You say that you love me and when I do something you go to another woman! What would you say if I told you that I am sleeping with Fabrizio."
Ivo: "You don't, do you???"
Millie: "See??? You can't live even with this thought so how do you think I feel?"
Ivo: "You are right! You don't deserve me! I will leave from your life but before that I want you to know that you were the only woman that I loved. I loved you and I still do, not only because you have a good appearance but especially for your soul. You changed my whole life Millie! You made me different! I wanted to be with you not only in bed but every second. I liked talking with you, I liked it when we were laughing and when we were going out. I only wanted to look at you and I was content! You were, you are and you will be the most precious woman in my life! I adore you and I love you more than you can imagine" he starts crying and Millie does the same thing "and remember that people change and they learn from their mistakes. Now, that I have lost you I understand that my life is empty again as it was at the beginning. I am sorry for all these that I have done but as I understand some people tried to separate us and I was trapped by them! I am such an idiot! I hope you will forgive me someday! I am going to pack my clothes! I am going to leave tomorrow" Millie (with a low voice and with tears!):
"Where will you go?" Ivo: "I don't know… I have nothing here, not even my father! Goodbye Millie!!!" (he goes upstairs!)
Millie: "Don't go Ivo! I love you too! (Ivo has already gone upstairs!)
"Oh, my God, he has regretted, he was so sincere!"

Millie goes to her room and bursts into tears! Gloria wakes up and asks her the reason why she is crying!
Millie: "He is leaving Gloria, how am I going to live without him?"
Gloria: "Who is leaving?" Millie: "Ivo, Ivo is leaving because of me!"
Gloria: "It's ok Millie, don't cry please."

The other day Millie continues to cry and Gloria tells her that if she still loves him then she has to stop him.
Millie: "You are right! I will stop him!" She leaves!

Millie arrives at the airport and she searches for Ivo. She had been informed that he would go to London so she goes to a woman and she asks her about the flight. The woman tells her that she didn't have time because the plane was leaving. Millie buys a ticket and she sees Ivo standing on the stairs. She calls his name and she says loudly: "I love you too honey! I forgive you, what else can I do? I can't even breathe without you. You are my life!" Ivo runs to her and after kissing her he says: "I can't believe that you have forgiven me! You are the best thing that ever happened to me! I love you Millie, I love you!"

Millie: "I love you too".
Ivo: "So, I don't think have ever proposed to you at the airport. I will do it now! My beautiful lady, will you marry me?"
Millie: "Oh, my God, I can't believe that!"
Ivo (Sad):"You won't marry me."
Millie: "Of course I will my handsome man!" They kiss again!


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