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Facundo Arana                                                                                       _______                                   __    

I Don`t Need to Be Faithful

Rough life of the actor. In less than a month Facundo Arana steped out from kissing Natalia Oreiro-on the fiction Muñeca Brava- to divide his heart between curvy Mónica Guido and angelical Malena Solda. Days before ending the blessed millennium, the actor already has submerged into a new role within the Argentine Television. On the first days of December he said goobye to soap operas to set foot on the world of telecomedies. Althougth for that he had to resign the leading man category.

-Does it bother you to have secondary character in Buenos Vecinos?
The sucess of an actor is not moderated by its post sign but by its quality and love he/she prints to it. For instance, if Alexander Doria calls me up to read although a few lines in any of his proyect, for me it would be a honor although before would have been leading figure of the program with highest rating.

-Your carrer gives a 180 degree turn, would you liked to assure your position and consegrate yourself as leading man?
I know this will sound like phrase done and probably it could be the most ordinary one you must have heard, but my biggest consagration is to be alive. From here and what is yet to happen, I can do a carrer like Laport, Corrado, Bermudez or my dad's.

-But you wanted to change?
Basically, I wanted to work. In moments of crisis like this one,where they look for work from masons to executives, my only aspiration to continue in television.

-Would have encourage yourself, for example, to conduct a program?
I wouldn`t go that far. Is not what learned , neither what i studied nor what i am searching professionally. I choose acting as my profession. To conduct a program you have to know. The rest is sanata.There are people that learn and that is not my case.

-How you get along with Diego your character in Buenos Vecinos?
Excellent. And what excite me the most that he give me the opportunity to wortk with people like Moria Casan and Hugo Arana. Two big actors.

-And going kisses with Monica Guido and Malena Solda?
((Laughs))I only remite myself to what is written in the scripts.

-Do you miss Natalia?
It was great working with her. She is what the circunstances demands. Is she has to go somewhere and work as a diva she does it; in her home, she is a girl of her home , with his friends.

-And with you?
She was an excellent companion. I mean it from my heart.

-Do you think people are going to miss love dulept ?
I think mostly that people will miss her. Natalia can do duplet with Juan Pérez, if she wishes. You can put her aside anyone because her last last name has its own wight. For me it was pride to accompany her.

-Women considers you candy. Do you take good care of yourself?
Enough as to be well. In this profesion the image is very important. In one hand, you want to pleasant and feed its narcism ,but not the extreme. One the other, you want to be a happy chubby. And i swear to you one day i will be a happy chubby.

-How does your romnce with Isabel Mancedo goes?
With my grilfriend we are doing ok.I considera myself a lucky guy i have 27 years old and i founded a spectacular women. With lot's of people travels around the world searching for their love their life , i considered more than privaleged.

-Are u faithful?
I do not need to be unfaithful. No woman is more woman than mine.

- In the 2000 are there going to confites?
If God wants, we are going to be together forever. We still deoesn't know what steps to take today, tomorrow, or yesterday. So far, we are well. We think that there is time for everything.

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