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CADUCEUS (Kuh-doo-see-us)

        Recognized internationally as the symbol of Medicine, the"Caduceus" reached symbolism of healing the body, mind and soul.Historically carried by Mercury, wing-footed messenger of the gods (also Roman soldiers during flag of truce). The staff of peace was once borne by Roman military emissaries to signify a cessation of hostilities. Snakes from tradition that Sesculapius, the Roman God of Medicine appeared during a plague in Rome in the form of a snake. Ancients believed snakes discovered the secret of eternal life, interpreting shedding of skin as a return to youth. They also credited snakes with being able to search out health-giving medicinal herbs. Thus, the combination of snakes as symbols of health and the staff representing both speed and peace. 

        This site is specially designed for the medicos of Ramaiah. Here's a place where you can do cool stuff like

  • Look up any of your friend’s E-mail and other particulars
  • Get a close-up of the college including a virtual tour
  • Catch the latest college buzz
  • Assess your self in the Interactive zone
  • And much much more…..


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