LogoTools Avisynth filter Plugin
LogoTools is a set of filtes to deal with white semi-transparent station logos. (It replaces LogoBlend with an improved removal method.)

All of the filters deal in the YUV colour space. (no RGB conversion at all!)

Filters In LogoTools:

     NoLogoAuto -
easy logo removal
     NoLogo -
logo removal
     NoLogoM -
logo removal "Manual"
IfLogo - logo detection
IfNoLogo - logo detection
AddLogo - add a logo
LogoMask - logo mask mixer

Usage - for best results:

     [logo template clip],
     [logo template frame number])
Mouseover to see the effect of the NoLogo filter
here for a other examples
Avisynth 2.0: LogoTool.zip
Avisynth 2.5: use LoadPluginEx.dll
See: HowTo
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