The largest single mass of gold

Holtermann with his "nugget" (photo montage)

Holtermann with his "nugget" (photo montage). Discovered at Hill End in 1872, the Holtermann Nugget remains the largest single mass of gold ever discovered in the world, measuring 1.5 metres long and weighing almost 290 kg.

© New South Wales Department of Mineral Resources, Australia

The Word's largest nugget ( 2332 ozs )

The Welcome Stranger Nugget,This 2,332oz nugget was found 3''deep near Moliagul, Victoria,Australia on Feb.5 1869.

The 2nd Word's largest nugget ( 2217 ozs )

The "Welcome Nugget" was found on 9th June, 1858 at Bakery Hill, Ballarat, Victoria. A party of 24 worked the claim and therefore all claimed part of the fame involved in unearthing a nugget weighing 2,217 ounces and 16 dwts. of gold. After refining it yielded 2,195 ozs. of fine gold.

Serra Pelada (Cana„) Nugget - Largest Gold Nugget in existence in the world today. ( 1682 ozs of contained gold )

Largest Brazilian gold nugget

Banco Central of Brazil is the entity responsible for the nation's gold reserve. Consequently, the Museum is in a position to exhibit gold bars, nuggets and other curiosities that reveal the true beauty, rarity and utility of this precious metal that has always been a source of particular fascination to man.

One of the highlights of the show is the largest nugget ever found in Brazil and the largest Gold Nugget in existence in the world today, weighing 60.820 kg (52.332 kg of contained gold). It was uncovered at the Serra Pelada mining site in the State of ParŠ.

The 4th largest Gold Nugget in existence in the world today.

The Hand of Faith: Found by Kevin Hillier on the 26th. September 1980 at Kingower in the Golden Triangle. Weighing 876 troy ounces (27.2 kg.) Kevin reports finding the nugget in noisy ground at 14 inches. Using a 14 inch searchcoil on his detector he told me that he thought it was ground noise and almost never bothered to dig it.
The nugget is the largest ever found with a metal detector and is the 4th largest Gold Nugget in existence in the world today. It was sold to the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas USA for the reported sum of one million dollars Australian and is now on display at the casino.

The 5th largest Gold Nugget in existence in the world today.

The 5th largest gold nugget in existence in the world today, acquired by Australia's Normandy Mining Limited.
"The Normandy Nugget"
The 28cm tall by 18cm wide, 25.5 kilogram (819 ounce) nugget, which is just 56 ounces less than the world's 4th largest nugget, 'The Hand of Faith' was found in the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia and unveiled in April at the Perth Mint by Normandy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Robert Champion de Crespigny.

The "Maitland Bar" gold nugget compared to a 20 cent piece

The "Maitland Bar" gold nugget compared to a 20 cent piece. The nugget, which was found near Hargraves in 1887, weighs 344 oz (10,698 g) and is the largest existing gold nugget found in New South Wales. It is owned by the Department of Mineral Resources.

© New South Wales Department of Mineral Resources, Australia

Largest gold nugget ever found in Alaska.

The 294.1 oz. Centennial Nugget

Native Gold on quartz

The "Mojave Nugget" is the largest gold nugget still known to exist from California. It was discovered in 1977 using a metal detector.
Size: 14 cm tall; 156 troy ounces

© The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Foundation, All Rights Reserved

The world's ten largest documented gold nuggets
Weight, kg
Welcome Stranger
Australia, Victoria, Moliagul
Australia, Victoria, Ballarat
61 (Au 52)
Serra Pelada (Cana„)
Brazil, ParŠ, Serra Pelada
Blanche Barkly
Australia, Victoria, Kingower
Australia, Victoria, Berlin
Australia, Victoria, Ballarat
Lady Hotham
Australia, Victoria, Ballarat
Bolshoi Treugolnik
Venšjš, Ural, Miask, Russia
Sarah Sands
Australia, Victoria, Ballarat
Viscount Canterbury
Australia, Victoria, Kanderaar

Did You Know . . .?

- The largest gold nugget found in Russia, the Big Triangle, weighs over 36 kilogram. The Big Triangle was found in 1842 in a mine not far from the town of Miass in the southern Urals.

- The largest gold nugget discovered in New Zealand in 1909, was the "Honourable Roddy' which weighed 3.7 kg and was found at Ross Flat on the West Coast.

- The Breckenridge region produced the largest gold nugget in Colorado, a 13 pound nugget named "Tom's Baby".

- The largest gold-nugget ever found in Canada was discovered in the river bordering the dreamlike camp-site. The McDonald nugget weighing 1280 gram.

- The Osceola Mining District produced the largest gold nugget ever discovered in Nevada when a 25-pound gold nugget was found in Dry Gulch in 1877.

- "The town with a heart of gold" where in 1909 the largest gold nugget (2807gm) in New Zealand was found in Jones Creek.

- The largest gold nugget ever found in Tasmania and weighing over 243 ounces was found at nearby Rocky River in 1883.

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