What Was It Like To Stand There Next To Him

what was it like to stand there next to him
did you have tears in your eyes
did you feel the love rise in him
did you crave for later that night
did you want the moment not to end
did you long for it to be over
did you want to hold him and dry his eyes
did you lay your head on his shoulder
did you speak loud and firm or delicate was the answer
did you hold the flowers or hand them over
were they roses
were they lillies
were they blue, or red or pink
did he go traditional or modern
did he kiss you hard or light
did the minutes go like hours
did they fly by too fast
did the bells ring
did the birds fly free
did the people sing and dance
was the wine red or white
was the band well rehearsed
was it quick and quiet in Vegas
was it family and in the church
were there candles
were there petals
did children participate

and do you think the answers would be different
if I had met him first
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