The Dream

what dream
is this a dream
i'm laying somewhere soft
with fabric all around
somewhere hazy
waking clears
i see sun shining through trees
and hear a voice
with music i love
such peacefulness
a cool and gentle breeze
my cloak breaking it's edge
my hair curled flies across my eyes
voices of friends
rise above as music fades
they are saddened
i rise to comfort--but cannot move
my eyes shift
and now i know where i am
and what has happened
no fear
just accept and i'll move on
then you appear
standing over me
dressed as i like to picture you
handsome as always
but with tears
that drop on my face
you touch my hair
kiss my forehead
whisper goodbye
as you rise i try to follow
again i cannot move
do not resist
calmness and acceptance will let me rise
i try again
but i cannot
please don't go
don't leave me here
i cannot get out
and soon the casket will close
my breathing now eratic
my fear growing again
no no NO
not again
not again with the suffering
in my madness
please come back for me
someone please come back for me
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