Swordsman's Seduction
The last day of the faire
The sun is sinking down
I can hear the musicians gathering
The villagers light torches
The last party of the year
My back is to it all
I face the rippling water
Glowing with red from sunset

And now I am not alone
A rogue
I do not change position
Only move my eyes to the tree line
There he stands
Leaning one hand on a tree
The other hand lazy on his hip
His white shirt open and
Blazing orange in the light
Dark hair at his shoulders
Dark eyes piercing mine
Broad smile
I nod and smile too

A gentle breeze blows
Across the water
You follow it towards me
How is it you donít blink
Your eyes stare
I cannot turn away
My heart races
Yet my breathing is calm
I should run
But Iím entranced
Iím being pulled under
Your hand slides down my neck
Between my breasts
It is more than my body can stand
This small touch
Is enough to send me to my knees
You do not let me fall
Yet slide us both to the ground
Holding our bodies together

Your hand pulls my head up
At what point did you remove your gloves
Your face is so close to mine
I can feel your eyelashes play with mine
Our lips so close only paper
Could part them
My arms lay comfortable around
Your neck and shoulders
My heartbeat begins to match yours

The drum beat from the village
Sounds loudly in my ear
I have not resigned myself to this moment
Nor do I intend to leave
Your calm smile and soft laugh
Give way to your lips brushing my cheek
You know the move is yours

I look up at the cool moon becoming lighter
As the earth becomes darker
I close my eyes and beg the goddess council
A gasp escapes me
As I feel your tongue
Run slowly up my neck
Enough to leave moisture
Just enough to tease
Her answer
As your mouth rises to mine
A long deep kiss
There is no escape
If I do not fight now
My mind screams at my arms
But my heart intercepts
The message does not make it

We shift and turn together
Lying on the ground
Every sense in me is aroused
The night birds have begun to sing
Torches from the village
Glitter through blades of grass
Songs of my homeland begin to rise
And the day is gone

You pull away only an inch
Dozens of kisses follow
Some light
Some short
Some deep
Some long
All passion

As your hands and lips move down my body
My eyes turn towards the water
The moonlight catches my eye
As it is reflected
Off your sword
On the ground at my side
I may be yours
But the night is mine
You are close enough
For me to see only your face
My eyes do not
Leave yours
How is it that nothing
Distracts your gaze
And nothing distracts mine

Your hands raise to my shoulders
I cannot bear to see
My eyes shut
I feel your breath
On my forehead
Exploring my face
A soft caress from your hands
Moves down my arms

You are close enough
I can smell your skin
Your arm wraps around my waist
Your hand moves along
My cheek and neck
I am completely at your
I can sense your mouth
Moving only fractions from my face
Your hot breath moves
Against my eyes and chin
I place my hands on your shoulders
Attempting to push you away
But you pull my torso
Tight against you
And place your head at my chest
As I lean back in protest
I hear you breathe deeply
Smelling my skin
I feel the roughness of your beard
Contrast the silkiness of your hair
Along my skin
Moistened by your sweat
From your last battle
I open your eyes as a tender sigh
Escapes your lips

Why do I stay in this embrace
Why do I run
My heart and mind begin to panic
A battle between my desire for you
And my desire for sanity

Youíve felt my pulse quicken
And with as much patience
As a mortal man may possess
You raise your head
My hands at rest on your shoulders
Do not obey my command to push
My head is still back
Forcing me to feel the warm sunset
Yet watch the moon rise
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