Resting Now
(for my grandmother-Isla Abney)

Dear World
I am resting now
Do not trouble me with your discussions & visions
My ears ring with sounds of angels
My eyes shine with innocence again

Dear Friends
I am resting now
And it feels good like a warm quilt
That I made
With a soft pillow I embroidered

Dear Family
I am resting now
It is beautiful peacefullness
My path is lined with pink roses
And scented with Windsong perfume

Dear Daughters
I am resting now
Telling stories of my siblings
Stories of your growing up
And taking care of me
Every moment, everyday
Love supporting each other
Love supporting me

I leave you all behind
But not cast aside
Your love is with me still
And one day soon
You will see the doily I made
The doll I crocheted
Flip through the many pictures
Of my children, grandchildren and great-grand children
and in those moments
my love will be with you
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