I Want A Peaceful Place

I want a peaceful place

where water trickles down at night
and brings consistency with it's sound

where moonlight fills my bedroom warming
and sunlight permeates dim

where life has meaning, making sense
and my place is secured

where safety is my own again
and respect is my reward earned

where green grasses grow with hills arise
and I can run bare in the place

where castle walls are hard as stone
and soft my skin remains

where waters kiss the rocky coast
and I write while water laps

where all the things I need are near
and never run out of space

where dragons come and pay respect
and knights dare come to live

where winds and rains abound throughout
and always bring me back here

where I can sleep wrapped in love
and know its many forms

where thunder is not war or pain
and lightning leaves undisturbed

where darkness brings pleasure
and hope has a place

where what I feel is pure again
and love is always there

where whome is not a wish anymore
and my space is medieval and spared

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