There is somewhere
I'm almost sure....

Hidden in a dark recess
Buried deep under a mound
Of dirt, mold and
Stinking refuse....

Upon this mound
Is a heavy cement foundation
Running a mile deep within the ground
With steel two inch thick iron rods
Supporting it strong
Backfilled with wet sand

On this foundation
Is laid a sturdy wall fifty stories high
Centered with heavy concrete blocks
With steel reinforcing bars
Wrapped with barbed wire
Where exposed to the stratosphere

On either side is heavy red brick
Laid with the strongest mortar
Two layers thickness
Coated with a thin slick layer of steel on the outside
So it's hot to the touch
And impossible to climb

This wall
Reaching high through the sky
Runs in a small circle
Big enough for me to sit inside
Here with my sorrow
And sadness

But there is maybe still
Buried under that mound
Under the foundation
Under the wall
A tiny small fraction of

But I am too stubborn to look anymore
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