This City

I hate this city
I'm not fond of life right now either
The pace is supposed to be fast
But ends up being slow
In many ways like a small town
Traffic keeps you from running
Off the edge of the world
There are no seasons here
And little rain
To clean my soul
The magic secrets are just magic
And many moments I once thought beautiful
Are actually contrived and well-timed


When I need the sunshine
It's perpetually here
And the moon shines through almost every night
I have great friends
A job I can enjoy
A roof over my head
And I've fallen in love
Even though my dreams are cinema secrets
I get to see Ghostworld
So that trade is fine

And without these little inconveniences
That sometimes arise
Everything cannot be 100%
There would be no need
To call on the Goddess
No desire for the good
When evil comes
No passion in my darkness
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