Type a word into a searchengine and it will give thousands of hits. The trick is to limit
this amount of hits, there for use the Booleans. Sometimes searchengines have their own system to limit the amount of hits, like GOOGLE, that use search within your hits,
by type more keywords. Try out the advanced search function in those searchengines !!!
I didn't found a searchengines with good advanced options, but they are very different
in possibilities and functions. If you want to search with a bigger Range, try the
Meta Searchengines, they use several searchengines in one time.
aarde To find your KEYWORD in a site use : Control & F

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Web-Searchengines Booleans
AND / + : Search for Both words.(left & right of AND or +)
OR : One of Both words must be contain.(left or right of OR)
NOT / - : Search for First, don't Search for Second word.(left, not for right of NOT or -)
NEAR : One of Both words must be near.(left & right of NEAR)
BEFORE : Search for First, than for Second word.(left First, right Second of BEFORE)
AFTER : Search for Second, than for First word.(left Second, right First of AFTER)
" " : The word Between slashes exactly.(exactly between of " ")
* : Search all in relation to word, Before Wildcard.(left of *)

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