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adobe ADOBE
The most famous product of Adobe is Photoshop. It's one of the best program's to edit pictures
and photos. There are made a lot of plugins for Photoshop to make this program more complete.
Also Premiere is one of the best video editors for PC & MAC. Nowadays Adobe gat a variety of
editing products like : Photoshop 7.0, Illustrator 9, Live motion 1, Streamline 4.2, Aftereffects 4.1, Framemaker 5.5,
Golive 5, Pagemaker 6.5 & Dimensions 3.0.

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macromedia MACROMEDIA
Macromedia become famous of Flash. Flash is the most advanced Dynamic Web designer program
that exist nowadays. With this program it's possible to make real multimedia pages, with Sound,
moving objects and graphics. Director & Fireworks also support flash video & graphic editors.
Macromedia also designed products like : Scripteditor, Shockwave, Freehand & Dreamweaver.

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UleadLogo ULEAD
Ulead develops graphic packets like Photo Impact and Photo Explorer, a mix between Photoshop
and a picture database. But the real stuff ulead develops are Cool3d 3.5, his famous Gif Animator
5 and Animation Applet. With Ulead Video Studio Ulead shows that it's one of the big developers.

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corellogo COREL
CorelDraw is the best known product of Corel. But they have a more different products, like
Bryce 5 a special Corel edition & WordPerfect maybe the oldest text program. Kai's products
are also developed by Corel. They make plug gins for Photoshop Like : Kai's Power Tools 6 &
Soap. But also stand alone like Kai's Power Goo.

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QuarkXPress is with professionals a well known graphic publish program (DTP). It's
distributed newspapers and magazines, to corporate publications, books, catalogs,
and advertisements. Today, publishers also deliver content over the Web,
through wireless devices, and in eBooks, and the list is continually growing.
QuarkXPress has expanded in step with the explosion in electronic publishing.

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the gimp logo THE GIMP
The Gimp is a free graphic software program. It has nearly the same feathers Photoshop has.
But of course not with the same quality. It also is compatible with Photoshop plugins.
Read the info page before you start downloading.

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