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Synthzone is one of the most complete site for support of midi and sampling hardware.
If you own a synthesizers or module with midi, look here for an editor. For samplers there
is also a lot of software to support your sampler. If you don't poses any hardware
you can look for pc software synthesizers and recording software links.

Link >>>> Click Here >>>SYNTHZONE

steinberg STEINBERG
MNX2010 VST-SITE LINK Steinberg is one of the biggest professional music software developer for PC & MAC. With Cubase, Steinberg made the standard for midi and wave recording and composing. One of the products Steinberg has to offer : CubaseSX VST (Midi /wave-play/recorder), Nuendo (Hard disk recording), Halion (Vst-I Sampler), Clean (Vinyl record cleaner) & Mastering Edition (Mastering Editor)

For more Steinberg INFO >>>> Click Here >>>STEINBERG-HOME

For Steinberg Pluggins >>>> Click Here >>>CUBASE.COM

For updates or demo versions >>>> Click Here >>>STEINBERG FTP-SITE

For more Steinberg Education INFO >>>> Click Here >>>MNX2010 VST SITE

MNX2010 PROPELLERHEADS-SITE LINK The properlorheads software products are for the real freaks, after Rebirth a double TB-303 machine in combination with the 808 and 909 drum machine, now Reason. Reason is a complete studio : Samplers, effects, mix panels, synthesizers and drum machines. Rebirth can intergraded into Reason, and Reason into VST with the remote plugin "rewire".

For more Propellerheads INFO >>>> Click Here >>>PROPELLERHEADS

For Links, Downloads & Manuals >>>> Click Here >>>MNX2010 PROPELLERHEADS SITE

Reasonstation >>>> Click Here >>>REASON-SITE

emagicbl EMAGIC
Emagic software are the developers of Logic Audio Platinum. Also Giga sampler,
Giga Studio, soundcards and many more are distribute by this company.

For more EMAGIC INFO >>>> Click Here >>>EMAGIC

Giga samplers >>>> Click Here >>>GIGASAMPLER HOMESITE

protools PRO TOOLS
Pro Tools is a professional hard disk recording software, mostly used in commercial
studio's. For home recording they developed now Pro Tools LE. A free download of an
older version is available on the Pro Tools home site.

For more PRO TOOLS INFO >>>> Click Here >>>PRO TOOLS HOME

PRO TOOLS FREE >>>> Click Here >>>PRO TOOLS Download

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