An Open Letter To The Jewish Knesset Members

Dear Jewish Knesset Member,

I am writing in order to your attention a social phenomenon that should worry us as Jews.

The writing is not "on the wall"- it is on the bodies of our fine young men and women.

I am referring to the abundance of tattooing that that is going on nowadays, especially among our youth. It is well known that this is forbidden by our Torah, but it is important to note that even Jews who did not consider themselves devout did not widely commit this sin until this generation.

What is causing this phenomenon? Perhaps ignorance, perhaps emptiness, perhaps other things. I am of the opinion that the people's chosen representatives and the educational system must educate the nation that "Tattoos are not for Jews."

I invite you to visit my website at to learn more about this problematic subject.


M. Lerner
Tattoos Are Not For Jews

The Israeli Tattoo Law

In Sivan 5762 (May 2002), about three years after I published the above letter the Israeli Knesset passed a law requiring anyone under the age of 16 to obtain parental consent in order to have a tattoo. If a minor wants to get a tattoo, he will have to bring a form signed by his parents to the tattoo parlor.

I feel that this is a positive law, in that it may help prevent children from doing things that they are almost certain to regret. However, it is a far cry from what needs to be done in the field of education. The entire Jewish People must know that "Tattoos are not for Jews."