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Vinnie Moore

Vinnie Moore


Mind's Eye
Mind's Eye (1986)
Shrapnel Records, SH-1027cd
Produced by Mike Varney and Stephen Fontano
Keyboards: Tony MacAlpine
Bass: Andy West
Drums: Tommy Aldridge

      His Shrapnel neo-classical debut. This album introduces to Vinnie's state-of-art technique (accuracy, sweep picking, bending, phrasing, modal scales, arpeggios, harmonized solos...) and songwriting and also showcases Tony Macalpine skills playing the keyboards with the acclaimed Aldridge (who also played with such major bands like Whitesnake, Gary Moore and Ozzy Osbourne) & Andy West (formerly of Steve Morse's Dixie Dregs) team work. Vinman's penchant for dramatic tunes leads this album to a very impressive and emotional music.
      This album leaded him to win Guitar Player's reader's poll 'Best New Talent' award. It is not Vinnie's best album, but it still remains a cult and a classic for guitar players everywhere.
     Hero Without Honor, Daydream, Lifeforce and The Journey (my favourite) are classical songs to be remembered.

1. In Control
2. Daydream
3. Saved by a Miracle
4. Hero Without Honor - (MIDI)
5. Lifeforce - (MIDI)
6. N.N.Y.
7. Mind's Eye
8. Shadows of Yesterday
9. The Journey

All songs written and arranged by Vinnie Moore
Vinnie Moore uses Ibanez guitars, Peavey amps and DiMarzio pickups and strings.

Time Odyssey
Time Odyssey (1988)
Squawk 834 634-2
Produced by Vinnie Moore
Keyboards: Jordan Rudes
Bass: Michael Bean
Drums: Joe Franco

      With this one, Vinnie Moore reaches the perfection.
      Critically acclaimed and fans favourite, this is a great neo-classical album, which is more influenced from progressive rock and classical music. This time Vinnie uses less distortion and explored more the unlimited playability of his Ibanez guitars, resulting on a more inspired and softer sound than we can hear on Mind's Eye.
      This recording features full speed guitar work without the loss of feel or creativity. One of my favorite albums! Just listen to the Beatles tribute on While My Guitar Gently Weeps or Morning Star and you will agree with my humble opinion. Pay attention also to the excellent keyboard work from Jordan Rudes (now playing with Dream Theater) and Joe Franco's drum solo introduction to Into The Future- I love it! I always start the song again just to listen to this intro.
      This album deserves commendation and a serious look by the listening people.  

1. Morning Star - (MIDI)
2. Prelude (J. Rudes)/ Into The Future - (MIDI)
3. Beyond The Door
4. Message In A Dream (V. Moore, J. Rudes)
5. As Time Slips By
6. Race With Destiny - (MIDI)
7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (G. Harrison)
8. The Tempest
9. Pieces Of A Picture
10. April Sky (J. S. Bach, arranged by Vinnie Moore) - (MIDI)

All music written and arranged by Vinnie Moore (except where noted).
Vinnie Moore uses Ibanez guitars, Laney amps and DiMarzio pickups and strings.

Meltdown (1991)
Relativity 88561-1067-2 / EPIC EPC471067-2
Produced by Vinnie Moore
Bass: Greg Smith
Drums: Joe Franco

      No keyboards? No problemo! Vinnie's gifted guitar playing fullfils all musical ranges.
      For the first time, Vinnie is not using Ibanez guitars, and his music has changed a lot. A hard/heavy rock based album, it's an attempt to reach a much wider audience than the restricted neo-classical scenery could provide and that was losing strength against the avalanche promoted by recording companies with disgusting punk and grunge bands.
      Again with the competent drum work of Joe Franco, with Greg Smith on the bass (who played with Alice Cooper and Rainbow's Stranger In Us All album and tour- I saw him with Ritchie on tour, he also have a great voice! Some sort of Glenn Hughes-like stuff...)
Althought this is a very good album, I think that this is Vinnie's weakest one, mainly due to the bad production. The guitars are too low, too thin and too muddy, you barely can listen to the bass, the EQ is also weak.
      My favorite songs: Meltdown, Last Chance (one of the best songs he ever made), Check It Out!, Let's Go and the beautiful and inspired Coming Home.

1. Meltdown
2. Let's Go
3. Ridin' High
4. Earthshaker
5. Deep Sea
6. Cinema
7. Midnight Rain
8. Where Angel's Sing
9. Check It Out!
10. Last Chance
11. Coming Home

All songs written and arranged by Vinnie Moore
Vinnie Moore uses Heartfield/Fender guitars and DiMarzio pickups and strings.

Out Of Nowhere
Out of Nowhere (1996)
Mayhem 11084-2
Produced by Vinnie Moore and Paul Hammingson
Bass: Dorian Heartsong
Drums: Brian Tichy

      About this one, Vinnie Moore mixes blues, hard and heavy with his unique state-of-the-art guitar sound.
      When I first listened to this record, it seemed quite commercial to me (like Joe Satriani usually does), but that not means any loss of quality, though. There are less shred content in this material, but he compensates with very perceptional songwriting.
      With heartfelt songs, it shows Vinnie definitely more inspired, melodical and achieving the status of one of the greatest composers of his era. Actually, this is a great album, and despite the more acclaimed Time Odyssey or The Maze, this is my favourite CD from Vinnie Moore  .
      If you're not yet addicted to Vinnie's sound, you will be with this one.
      Great songs from this album (I could mention any of them, but here goes...): Vinman's Brew, Time Traveller, From Now On, Echoes, Losing Faith, She's Only Sleeping and With The Flow.

1. With The Flow
2. Losing Faith
3. Echoes
4. Thunderball
5. From Now On
6. Time Traveller
7. Vinman's Brew
8. She's Only Sleeping
9. Am I Only Dreaming?
10. 770 Days
11. Move That Thang!
12. Winter Sun

All songs written by Vinnie Moore, except Am I Only Dreaming?, written by Vinnie Moore and Brian Tichy.
Vinnie is using Musicman guitars, DiMarzio pickups and Ernie Ball strings.

"Music... the representation of invisible things." Leonardo da Vinci

The Maze
The Maze (1999)
Shrapnel SH-1123-2
Produced by Vinnie Moore
Bass: Dave La Rue
Drums: Shane Gaalaas
Keyboards: Tony MacAlpine

     Vinnie Moore's return to Shrapnel Records is a stunning barrage that is rooted deeply in his progressive neo-classical style that generated a legion of loyal fans.
     This album is actually fantastic, reinvocating to the neo-classical influences mixed together with the hard rock feel acquired since Meltdown. Althought it is mainly a progressive rock album, this one is less dependant on styles, showing us new sides of Vinnie Moore's songwriting and as a good example, bringing us a flamenco song like Never Been To Barcelona.
      Dave La Rue (Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse Band) Shane Gaalaas (MSG, Y. Malmsteen) and Macalpine are doing their best on this one!
     Undoubtly one of the best instrumental rock records of the year, if not the best.
      Best moments: The Maze, The Thinking Machine, Rain, Watching From The Light and Eye Of The Beholder

1. The Maze (soundclip - MP3)
2. King Of Kings
3. Cryptic Dreams
4. Never Been To Barcelona
5. Watching From The Light
6. The Thinking Machine
7. Eye Of The Beholder
8. Rain
9. In The Healing Garden
10. Fear And Trepidation

All songs written by Vinnie Moore

Vinnie Moore Live!
Vinnie Moore Live! (2000)
Shrapnel SH-1136-2
Produced by Vinnie Moore
Bass: Barry Sparks
Drums: Shane Gaalaas
Keyboards: Wayne Findlay

      Why Vinnie didn't included any songs from Time Odyssey on this CD? I don't know. Do you?
      Well, with the songs he included on this album, I don't think we'll actually gonna miss any of them.
Yes!!! The long awaited live album from Vinnie Moore featuring one of the most awarded bass/drums teams of today: Barry Sparks and Shane Gaalass! This is one of the best instrumental album of the year 2K! I really doubt that anyone can do better!
      This album was recorded on May 5th and 6th, 1999 at "The Edge" in Palo Alto, CA, during the Vinnie Moore's The Maze tour, as an opening act for the Michael Schenker Band (The Unforgiven Tour), and the more fabulous thing is that they shared the same band on stage!
      Hilights: The Maze, Meltdown, She's Only Sleeping, Vinman's Brew, Rain

1. The Thinking Machine
2. The Maze
3. Cryptic Dreams
4. Meltdown
5. Never Been To Barcelona
6. She's Only Sleeping
7. Vinman's Brew
8. Check It Out!
9. Rain
10. Daydream
11. Watching From The Light
12. With The Flow

All songs written by Vinnie Moore

With Vicious Rumors:

Soldiers Of The Night
Soldiers Of The Night (1985)
Shrapnel SH-1020
Produced by Steve Fontano in association with Vicious Rumors
Vinnie Moore- guitars
Gary St. Pierre- vocals
Dave Starr- bass
Larry Howe- drums/vocals
Geoff Thorpe- guitar/vocals

     Vinnie left the band after recording the album due to musical divergences. This is not a bad album, but when you're starting to enjoy musics like the Vinnie Moore's instrumental song Premonition (outstanding!), the song is abruptelly over! Vinnie needed more space to show his fantastic playing.
      With such a young talented guitar player and a promising star like Vinnie, I think they were afraid to let him take the band's rein. Things like this shows some of the reasons why Vinnie left out to form a band on his own. And like most of the metal bands at the time (Steeler, Hawaii, Macalpine's Project Driver, etc), the vocals are awful- very aggressive, but insipid, without any technique or feeling.

Premonition (Moore) - MP3
Ride (Into the Sun) (Starr, Richards, St-Pierre)
Medusa (Thorpe, St-Pierre)
Soldiers of the Night (Thorpe, St-Pierre)
Murder (Thorpe)
March or Die (Thorpe, St-Pierre, Tate)
Blitz the World (Moore, Thorpe, St-Pierre, Starr)
Invader (Moore)
In Fre (Thorpe)
Domestic Bliss (Tate, Thorpe, Cassero)
Blistering Winds (Moore)

With Alice Cooper:

Hey Stoopid
Hey Stoopid (1991)
Epic EK-46786
Produced by Peter Collins
Alice Cooper- Vocals, harmonica
Vinnie Moore appears on Dirty Dreams and Hurricane Years.
Other Guests:
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Slash- Guitars
Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Keeling, Mike Finnigan- Vocals (bckgr)
Mickey Curry- Drums
Nikki Sixx, Hugh McDonald- Bass
Robert Bailey, John Webster, Jay Winding- Keyboards
Steve Croes- Synclavier

      After this album Vinnie Moore accepted the invitation of Alice Cooper to join the band for the Operation Rock 'n Roll Tour.
      Amazing songs: Hey Stoopid, Feed My Frankenstein, Wind-Up Toy, Love Is A Loaded Gun

1. Hey Stoopid (Cooper/Pepe/Pfeifer/Ponti)
2. Love's a Loaded Gun (Cooper/Pepe/Ponti)
3. Snakebite (Bulen/Cooper/Keeling/Pepe/Pfeifer/Ponti)
4. Burning Our Bed (Cooper/Pfeifer/Pitrelli/West)
5. Dangerous Tonight (Child/Cooper)
6. Might as Well Be on Mars (Child/Cooper/Wagner)
7. Feed My Frankenstein (Coler/Cooper/Richardson/Zodiac Mindwarp)
8. Hurricane Years (Cooper/Pepe/Pfeifer/Ponti)
9. Little by Little (Cooper/Pepe/Pfeifer/Ponti)
10. Die for You (Cooper/Mars/Sixx/Vallance)
11. Dirty Dreams (Cooper/Pfeifer/Vallance)
12. Wind-Up Toy (Cooper/Pepe/Pfeifer/Ponti)

With Others:

Guitar's Practicing Musicians
Guitar's Practicing Musicians (1989)
Guitar Recordings 88561-5012-2 / Combat 5012

1. Giant Steps, performed by Jennifer Batten - 1:37
2. Gamera Is Missing, performed by Buck Dharma - 3:21
3. Born to Be Wild, performed by Leslie West- 3:07
4. Free, performed by VINNIE MOORE - 4:47
5. Southern Steel, performed by Steve Morse - 4:03
6. El Becko, performed by Paul Gilbert - 4:12
7. Tree, performed by Randy Coven - 4:15
8. Western Vacation, performed by Western Vacation / Reckless Fable (Steve Vai) - 6:30
9. Nv43345, performed by Billy Sheehan - 2:20
10. Bodhisattva, performed by Elliott Randall - 4:37
11. Shakes, performed by Blues Saraceno - 3:33
12. Sixgunz, performed by Vivian Campbell - 3:33
13. Rodo Lana/Play That Funky Music, performed by Jeff Watson - 6:27

Smoke on the Water- A Tribute
Smoke on the Water- A Tribute (1994)
Shrapnel SH-1076-2
Produced by Mike Varney
Vinnie performs on Woman From Tokyo

      This album is almost a masterpiece (nobody is perfect, Don Dokken is singin' on it! - arrgh).
      Also featuring Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, T. Macalpine, John Norum, Richie Kotzen, Jens Johannson, Jeff Scott Soto, Russ Parish, Glenn Hughes, Deen Castronovo and others (and yes, Mike Varney does a great production work). 
      Best moments: Lazy, Stormbringer, Hush, Maybe I'm A Leo and of course, Woman From Tokyo.

1. Speed King (performed by Y. Malmsteen, Kelly Keeling)
2. Space Truckin' (Tony Macalpine, Kip Winger)
3. Stormbringer (John Norum, Glenn Hughes)
4. Rat Bat Blue (Ritchie Kotzen)
5. Lazy (Mr. Malmsteen and Joe Lynn Turner)
6. Maybe I'm A Leo (Paul Gilbert)
7. Smoke On The Water (Russ Parish, Robert Mason)
8. Fireball (Reb Beach, Don Dokken)
9. Hush (Jeff Scott Soto, Mike Varney)
10. Woman From Tokyo (VINNIE MOORE, Tony Harnell)

The main team (they played on all tracks):
Jens Johansson (keyboards), Russ Parish (rhythm guitar), Deen Castronovo (drums) and Todd Jensen (bass)

Black Night- Deep Purple Tribute
Black Night- Deep Purple Tribute (1997)
According to New York
DeRock DERCD-092
Produced and arranged by T. M. Stevens
Vinnie appears on a couple of songs.

      This album has innovative and creative interpretations for classical Deep Purple songs- just listen to the funky version for Strange Kind of Woman, Black Night or the reggae(!) version of Child In Time.
      An awesome Deep Purple Tribute (in a more funky/ R&B way)
      Also featuring Richie Kotzen, Al Pitrelli, T. M. Stevens, Joe Lynn Turner, Van Romaine, Cory Glover, Tony Harnell and others. 

1. Black Night
     Joe Lynn Turner, VINNIE MOORE, Al Pitrelli
2. Strange Kind Of Woman
     Richie Kotzen (guitar, vocals), Al Pitrelli
3. Fireball
     Cory Glover, Richie Kotzen, Al Pitrelli, Stevie Salas
4. Smoke On The Water
     Richie Kotzen (guitar, vocals)
5. Child In Time
     Tony Harnell/T. M. Stevens on vocals, Richie Kotzen
6. Woman From Tokyo
     T. Harnell, T. M. Stevens, Richie Kotzen, Joe Lynn Turner
7. Space Truckin'
     Tony Harnell, Richie Kotzen
8. Stormbringer
     Joe Lynn Turner, Richie Kotzen
9. Speed King
     Joe Lynn Turner, VINNIE MOORE, Al Pitrelli
10. Burn
     Cory Glover, Simon Gregory, Lars Y. Loudamp
11. Deep Purple N. Y.
     (T. M. Stevens, Richie Kotzen and Will Calhoun as The Deep NY Funk Gang)


Advanced Lead Guitar Techniques
Advanced Lead Guitar Techniques (1988)
Hot Licks Video
60 minutes
Level 3 - 4 (intermediate)

     Here's your chance to let the best make you better! On this hour long video, Vinnie teaches you:

- left and right hand exercises for speed and accuracy
- theory
- substitution scales
- playing scales in seconds, thirds, etc.
- advanced "pivoting" licks and exercises
- the classical violin-like technique
- arpeggio sweeps
- building triplet patterns
- advanced chromatic exercises and more!
     Truly a master class with one of the best there is, Vinnie Moore!

Speed, Accuracy and Articulation
Speed, Accuracy and Articulation (1989)
Hot Licks Video
60 minutes
Level 4 (intermediate/advanced)

- advanced triplet picking on all strings in both ascending and descending forms
- three string licks
- classical triplet licks and runs played both forward and backward.
     There is also a section on the various modes and using them in improvisation, with exciting demonstrations by Vinnie! His left hand mastery is also covered and he works on exercises for two fingers at a time, chromatic runs and incredible left hand hammer and pull exercises and licks.

Both videos can be find on good music/video stores by the average price of $29.95

Recommended albums:

Time Odyssey - Squawk 834 634-2

Out Of Nowhere - Mayhem 11084-2

The Maze - Shrapnel SH-1123-2


      Music Man - Silhouette Special
      Music Man - Axis
      Music Man - Albert Lee
      Washburn (Stephens extended cutaway) acoustic
      Gibson - Les Paul

      Mesa Boogie - Dual Rectifier
      Marshall - JCM 800
      Rivera - Knucklehead
      Digitech - GSP2101 Studio Tube

      T.C. - Electronic Stereo Chorus
      Cry Baby - Wah Wah
      Boss - OC-2 Octave
      Boss - DD-3 Digital Delay
      Boss - BF-2 Flanger
      Boss - CE-2 Chorus

      Art Pro - VLA Tube Compressor
      Daking - 52270 Mic-Pre/Equalizer
      Roland - VS-1680 Digital Studio
      Alesis - Quadraverb & Quadraverb 2

      DiMarzio Pickups
      Ernie Ball strings & picks



from The Maze

     The Maze


from Soldiers Of The Night




from Mind's Eye

     Hero Without Honor


from Time Odyssey

     Morning Star
     Into The Future
     Race With Destiny
     April Sky


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