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The Fall Festival & Haunted House are here again – tonight 10/22/04 @ Vaughan Hall from 6pm – 9pm. No need to worry about dinner – there will be plenty of food, drinks & desserts for sale! Games, crafts and fun for everyone. Bring a crock of your favorite chili for the 1st Annual Chili Contest – judging @ 7:00 pm. Kids come in costume and join the Costume Parade @ 7:30. Those who dare can visit the Haunted House. Questions? Call Traci Dunn 654-5273, Jacquie McGinnis 953-3641 or Laurel Thomas 654-4329.

On Friday, October 15, 2004, our community witnessed an historical event – the demolition of Oaks Hall, a structure, which served as our Borough Offices since 1970, when the Borough purchased the property from the Colony. This passing marks a link to our rich history and a sign of progress toward revitalizing our community. We all look forward to a new Oaks Hall, which honors our past and provides the facilities necessary and desirable for good government.

During its October 14, 2004 meeting, Borough Council reviewed with the public various flood recovery projects and related activities. Several members of the community attended the meeting, and voiced concern about the wisdom of proceeding with the reconstruction of Oaks Hall, the Borough?s office structure while also moving forward with the various capital projects necessitated by the July ?04 Storm. Council stated that the Oaks Hall project would not interfere with flood recovery projects and should not otherwise limit the financial resources available to complete those efforts. Council also reviewed the necessity with moving forward with the Oaks Hall project given the inadequacy of the current temporary trailer offices. Council introduced Jim Maddon, the Construction Project Manager to the audience. Mr. Maddon reported on the status of the Oaks project. The current estimate to complete the Oaks project is $1.2 million.

Representatives from the Borough and Colony submitted Dam Reconstruction Loan applications to the Department of Environmental Protection on September 30, 2004. We are awaiting the DEP?s determination on these applications. Council passed a resolution to seek proposals for a new pumping station at Beach Drive for the sewer system. Also, the Borough Manager reported that a cowling to muffle noise produced from the temporary generator at Beach Drive to move sewage through the system is scheduled for installation the week of October 18. Council also reviewed the status of and expected distributions from the Flood Recovery Fund, which currently stands at $24,369. Much of the monies will be applied to Borough volunteers, who suffered losses not reimbursed by their personal insurance. The Borough?s $1.0 million Flood Emergency Bond was issued and fully subscribed, with the proceeds expected soon. These funds will be used to cover expenditures related to the disaster.

The Colony continues to pursue numerous grant opportunities with the State of New Jersey and other sources to fund various flood recovery projects, however, to date we have not been awarded any grants. Additionally, the Small Business Administration has rescinded its original offer to loan the Colony approximately $500,000 due to the pending litigation and their concerns about the Colony?s ability to fund the litigation while at the same time working to restore Colony properties. The Colony intends to appeal the SBA?s decision. We are also continuing to pursue available public assistance through FEMA, and have held several meetings, in person and over the telephone with elected representatives at the federal and state level. The Colony has engaged the law firm of White and Williams to defend its interests in the litigation, and does not believe that the allegations in the complaint have merit. We are still awaiting final word from our insurance carrier concerning coverage for the litigation.

At the Colony?s October 18, 2004 Special Board of Directors meeting, the Board adopted resolutions to convene a Special Meeting of the Membership immediately following the Annual Meeting scheduled for October 25, 2004. The purpose of the Special Meeting will be to review the Board?s recommendation for a special assessment of the membership to cover flood recovery expenses. All colonists were mailed a Notice of Special Meeting on Tuesday, October 19, 2004. All colonists are urged to attend these important meetings to review the status of the flood recovery effort and understand the financial challenges that confront our community.

The Medford Lakes Colony Annual Meeting must be rescheduled for Monday, October 25, 2004 beginning at 7:30 p.m. in Vaughan Hall. Please mark your calendars accordingly as this is a change from the date posted in prior News articles and in the community calendar. ALL colonists are encouraged to attend!

Attention all parents, volunteers, newcomers, community members, pre-school parents: You are all cordially invited to attend the next Medford Lakes Education Foundation (MLEF) meeting at Neeta School in the All-Purpose Room on October 26, 2004 at 7:30 PM. The key to the future success of MLEF is to attract community volunteers. The mission of MLEF is to promote excellence in education in our public schools. Becoming a volunteer is very rewarding and provides opportunities to enhance the educational offerings for the children of our community. Please come and learn more about this wonderful organization and consider becoming involved. There are many roles for volunteers so come to share your ideas, your expertise, and make new friends. And of course, refreshments will be served.

The Medford Lakes School District extends their thanks to community volunteers that reassembled the play ground equipment behind Neeta School. Special thanks to Brian Meakim for organizing the project. The students are thrilled to have their play set back.

Thank you to Flanagan?s for sponsoring the ?Sean Striders?, Patty Beaston for making great team shirts, and to Murphy?s and friends for contributing and participating in the diabetes walk on October 3rd. Signed – the Holton Family

If anyone has old baby rattles, books or puzzles that can be donated to a rehab hospital in Marlton please call Sabina at 953-2711.

A sitter with a car is needed in Medford Lakes (your house or ours) for pick up at Nokomis (3 p.m.) for two to three days per week (Flexible) for two to three hours per sitting – schedule is flexible. Call Pat or Kim at 714-9770 if interested.

Lost: Childs glasses lost at Beach 3 – please call 654-0759 if found.

Protestant Community Church of Medford Lakes invites you to join us for our Octoberfest on Saturday, Oct 23rd from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Vaughan Hall. Dine on German recipes prepared by L. B. Daniels and enjoy dancing to a variety of music – everything from German polkas and waltzes to rock ?n? roll and line dancing as presented and demonstrated by a DJ. In addition, our Pastor Steve Winkler has invited his Dixieland band of Vermont, the Maple Leaf Seven, to entertain us with their music as a special treat for our Octoberfest celebration. (They will also be playing at the ?Dixieland? church service at PCC Medford Lakes on Sunday Oct. 24th.) Tickets are $20 per adult, $5 for children 12 yrs or under (children 3 or under free), and must be purchased in advance either at the Medford Lakes Colony office or at the church office. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. Call PCC at 654-4220 for additional information.

DO NOT RAKE DEBRIS INTO A LAKE or any other property that is not your own including a lake or lakebed. Thank you for your cooperation. If you see someone raking his or her leaves into Colony property please call 654-7747.
In addition – please do not put seeds or any vegetation of any form in a lake or lakebed! It will only make cleaning of the lakebed more difficult. Thank you!

Safe Trick or Treat will be held at Shawnee High School on Saturday, October 30, 2004 from 3 – 6 p.m. Hosted by the Shawnee Volunteers in collaboration with other school groups and the Medford Police the event will be held inside with games, activities and of course, the chance to go trick or treating in a safe environment. Plus there will still be time to attend the Annual Medford Halloween Parade! For information, call Rhonda Casey or Helene Welde at Shawnee – 654 7544.

Division 5 – The Accu-Pest Exterminators played their best game of the year with Alexis Gilliland in goal, Taylor Patterson on offense and Gillian Downing on Defense.

Division 5 - Murphy's Market has won two games in three weeks with goals from Sean Henry (2), Vincent White (2), Mitchell Powell, and Christian Stephan. Brunetti Pools had great play by Luke Growney! Tom Francis and Jeff Fitzpatrick helped their team with great passing and hustle! First Class Tree Service tied TAA with goals from Jimmy Taylor, Daniel Miller, Jeffery DiMartino and Gavin McGray. Emaint had an excellent game with a "Hat Trick" from Dalton Jestes! A great job in the goal by Zach Karbasian and awesome all around play by Jonathon Malpass! Great Job everyone!

Junior League – Kronenberger?s team played beautifully this weekend. Annie King?s fast stick work kept the other team on the defense. Annie McMahon had amazing stops and clears as sweeper. Our offense played an impressive second half. Gabrielle Zaugra scored, and Sophia Birchenough tied the game with her shot on goal. It was a terrific game!

Murphy?s Market Robbie Burton and Luke McLoughlin each had a hat trick and Evan DePaul also scored. Stellar defense by Sean Davies, Tara O?Brien while Jacob Boyce played excellent defense and had two assists.
Riviera Pizza had another GREAT TEAM effort for the mini munchkins. Lilly Bray and TJ Hardwick led the offense with goals and Adam Nolan and Brandon Meyers shut the door on defense.
For Harriett?s Oil, it was a busy week with two games played. The first saw the return of Jack Warren with two goals and Brandon Byrne with two. In the second game, the Red Rhinos got goals form Dakota Griffin and Megan Bandomer and high energy from Scott Davies and Stephanie Wilson on both sides of the ball.
Wednesday night the Jersey Pools team never gave up and played an outstanding game. Allie Hoskins was a dynamo, Matti Bray was incredible, Dillon Evans made awesome plays and Ben Sandberg had an outstanding game with a goal two minutes before the end of the game.
Jersey Pools played another great game on Saturday. Zack Bennett, Ben Sandberg, and Dillon Evans had a great offensive game scoring amazing goals for Jersey pools. Alexa Moog and Matti Bray had a fantastic day on offense and defense with great passes outstanding stops. Allie Hoskins and David Thomas did a great job with some super assist and steals in getting to ball open and down field.
The Pro-Motion Lightning Eagles had another outstanding defensive game with the return of Caroline Corley and Riley Bednar to the line up. Eric Biehn, Michael Githens, and Trey Cone led the offense this week. Way to go Lightning Eagles!

Stephen Pilch and Tori Panetta, Shawnee High School seniors and Medford Lakes? colonists, are working on a documentary about the July 2004 flood for their Lenape District TV production class. If you have any information please call Stephen at 953-3201. Videos or pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

The Medford Lakes Fire Department in cooperation with the Energizer Battery Corporation is conducting their annual Senior Citizen Fire Safety Inspections. The month of October is recognized nationally as Fire Prevention month and as a community, we need to focus on fire safety education and prevention measures that last throughout the year. The inspections include replacement of all smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries and installation of additional smoke or CO detectors and fire extinguishers where needed. We also provide overall advice and assistance related to fire safety. To sign-up for the inspection, please call the fire prevention bureau at 654-8898 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. It is possible to schedule an appointment even if you are not a senior citizen.

Mike and Heidi Dillon of Algonquin Trail are trilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Olivia Rose on Friday, September 24, 2004 weighing in at 6 pounds, 3 ounces and 19? healthy. Olivia is also welcomed home by her big brother Michael (age 21 months) and grandparents Guy and Sherrill Johnson of Nantucket Trail in Medford Lakes and Helen Dillon of Collingswood. Congratulations to the Dillon Family!

Oct. 23 – 29, 2004
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Sun., Oct. 24 –
Mon., Oct. 25 – Colony Annual Mtg., 7:30 p.m., Vaughan Hall
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Thurs., Oct. 28 – Borough Council Mtg., 7:30 p.m., Demby Annex
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