June 23, 1582 -- POLKOWO FOUNDED...(Podlaskie province, Augustow or Suwalki county--changes over time), Sztabin (district), Poland.  County official issues decree from city of Rajgrod (northwest of Polkowo) granting peasants Mark and Elizabeth Konoza the right to settle on the hillock of Polikow (later referred to as the village of Polkowo) near the river Biebrza (
current day Biebrza National Park
May 3, 1585 -- Queen Anna issues a decree from Warsaw confirming the land grant 

1587 -- Boundaries of Polkowo are determined to be 5 wlok (approximately 150 acres) 

September 13, 1639 -- Rajgrod court lowers rent for land from 50zl to 10zl 

1661 -- Land grant reaffirmed by King Kazimierz 

1664 -- Decendents thrived and multiplied consisting of five families 
1777 -- An armed conflict arose when a landlord of the royal estates chose to impose on the citizens of Polkowo demands for labor, additional payments and higher rents; these citizens initiated a lawsuit (litigants included Mateusz and Marianna Kawalkow Konoza) in the royal court which took several years to resolve; allegations were that the landlord conducted raids of the village, taking oxen, horses and personal possessions; they were also accused of assaults 

1778 -- The court sent a special commission to investigate, which found for the villagers and relieved them of additional requirements; an appeal suspended the ruling 

1781 -- A subsequent commission again held for the villagers, but their lease payments were increased to 200 zl; "Polkowianie" (the people of Polkowo) now consist of 20 hamlets  In the late eighteenth century the villages of Polkowo, Kopytkowo and Jasionowo, were collectively referred to as Bojary 

(information courtesy of Ken Kanoza of 2205 Liberty St., Erie, PA 16502, by way of his cousin Edward Kanoza in the USA from Stanislaw Kanoza near Polkowo, Poland--interestingly his grandfather's name was spelled Konoza; this data is from a text translation of the book of Polish archives, The History of Settlement from the Fifteenth to Eighteenth Centuries, done by Maciej (Mitch) Drobniewski, who is Stanislaw Kanoza's daughter's son)
Biebrza National Park
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History of Eastern Europe--"From Warsaw to Sofia" by Henry Bogdan
Pictures of Polkowo provided by Jay. M. Orbik Ed.D., Assistant to the Director and Production Coordinator, Media Services, Northern Illinois University
Maps: (Polkowo is lat. 53.6 and long. 22.9)
The Baltics--Back then Polkowo was in Lithuania west of Grodno, which is in current day Belarus
The Baltic Lands--1563
The Baltic Lands--1617
The Baltic Lands--1701
The Baltic Lands--1772
Polish Provinces during Russian Empire--1902 (shows Suwalki province and Augustow--Polkowo is a few miles south of Augustow)
Geographic Information for Polkowo, Poland plus Weather Conditions and Forecast
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*this town is not to be confused with Polkowo, Wegrow county, Mazovia, Poland
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