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Title: Tenshi ni Narumon(I'm Gonna be an Angel)

Genre: Comedy/Super-natural/Fantasy/Present-day/Shoujo(oi..)


Year: 1999

Number of episodes seen: 26(the whole series)

Story: Yuusuke was just a perfectly ordinary high-school student, in an ordinary town, which made him the obvious target for what would happen next. On his first day of freedom(his father had moved to another city but he stayed behind to finish school.), he stumbled upon(ie, accidently fell on) an uncouscious and nekkid girl ^^;. She promptly woke up, glomped him and declared him to be her husband. At this point, Yuusuke did the only thing that any self respecting anime boy would do, he fled in terror, off to school.

Unfortunately for the hapless Yuusuke, this girl appeared as a new student in his class(yes, she was clothed this time you hentais ^^;), she was introduced as Noelle; Miss Genki-hyper-wakuwaku of the known animeverse(informal title). Noelle followed him around for the rest of the day, she just wouldn't leave him alone.

Finally, after a very tiring day, Yuusuke FINALLY got home, but there was small problem. His house had been replaced with something that Frank Lloyd Wright might have designed if he had been smoking crack ^_^. It turns out that Noelle's family had decided to move in with the 'happy couple'...kinda.. Poor Yuusuke, I think the only anime guy I've ever seen who was as put upon in the first few episodes was Haruto from Haunted Junction.

Noelle's family is like some demented version of the Munsters(Frankenstein dad, witch mom, vampire brother(Gabriel), invisible old sister(Sara), a mad scientist little sister(Ruka) and a kowai witch grandma(Baba) ^_^). They all accept Yuusuke immediately as family(except for Baba who always trys to put curses on him), well he IS family after all! *big sweatdrop*.

The next involves an insane, extremely weird and somewhat comical villian named Dispel. He became obsessed with..erm, obtaining Noelle because of her 'beautiful imperfectness'. He's got a collection, I think, which includes the entranced Silky whom he rants to about his plan while she sits there like a doll, repeating the last word of his speels in monotone. Anyway, Dispel decided to send a minion out to go capture Noelle(which is, the SINGLE most frighteningly cracked mech-thing I have ever seen in my life ^^;.) this fails of course, Dispel is going to be around for more then one episode ^_^.

Back to the more normal side of things. Yuusuke(prior to this mess) had a crush on an aloof and cold swimmer named Natsumei. The next day at school, Noelle overhears Yuusuke tell Natsumi that she is like an angel to him(and Natsumi doesn't exactly appreciate this, poor Yuusuke), that's when got the idea that SHE would become Yuusuke's angel(heaven help them all!).

Review: This series is one of the strangest anime I have ever seen. Ever. I guarentee that after watching the first episode, you will blink at the tv screen, feeling as if you have just been hit by a truck, and, in some shape or form, exclaim "What the hell?!?!" Tenshi ni Narumon is about as spastic as an anime can possibly get(with the exception of Excel Saga and Puni Puni Poemi ^^;). Various situations are just seemingly dumped on you without any attempt at subtlty, at least right away. This most certainly isn't a newbie-friendly anime, they would probably run screaming from the room and never speak to you again. Granted, it has the rather standard plot of the evil villian sends a new minion out every episode to try and kidnapp Noelle, but these aren't your normal monster-of-the-week ^^;. For example, the octopus that insisted she was Noelle(which confused everyone enormously ^^;;;;) or the Ukulele-playing dog who turned everyone into frogs(Gabe the frog was so kawaii!).

Tenshi ni Narumon has a serious side as well, hiding under the surface of the insanity. It's hard to see at first, but as the series goes along it becomes more apparent, like a child's musicbox song going slightly off key. I kept getting the fansub tapes simply because I wanted to know what the hell was going on with Dispel and Silky(those segments in the episodes are just...strange.) and what I found, eventually, was an absolute treasure.

The Good: This anime has a myriad of wonderful aspects. The art, for one, is amazing quality for a TV series and it's so...unusual. The whole series has a toy theme, everything is toy-esque, the houses, buildings, people. Bright colors and plushie/plastic like things.) and it often uses visuals to tell us something rather then just words(especially in the second half of the series). I could easily compare the artistry in those scenes to what is found in Kare Kano, Shoujo Kakumei Utena or even Evangelion. Like Utena, Tenshi ni Narumon does alot of theater things(especically the way characters interact with each other sometimes) we even get accompanying spotlights on occasion. A few times, the anime even turns into a stage(complete with a wavey-cut off bit where the stage stops ^_^).

Another good thing is, that you have absolutely no idea where the plot is going. There isn't an ultimate bad-guy that must be destroyed(Dispel doesn't count, he is about as effective as Team Rocket ^^;), there aren't a certain number of things they have to collect to gain the ultimate power of whatever. Noelle wants to be an Angel, but there isn't any set path for her to take. No one even seems to know what would happen if she DOES manage Angel-hood somehow(least of all, Noel herself ^^;). So the storyline goes through some fairly silly attempts to angelfiy Noelle(mostly trying to get her to fly, she already has the halo ^^;.), then, without much warning, it ambushes you with something completely different. At that point any notion of where the story might be going dies instantly in your brain. I haven't been surprised quite like that in a Looong time ^_^(and don't go look it up either, the FUN of this is being surprised!). I think that moment will be emblazoned forever in my memory, it was so flippn' kewl! *snip snip*

Somehow, in some way, Tennimon successfully combines simplistic silly spasticness with complex ideas and it actually works(the series is extremely sureal because of this, but that's just part of what it is.) There's a lot of representation(weird-ass representation), where the dialogue is less importent than the idea behind it(this mostly happens later on). Also, the series addresss social issues(you heard me right ^^;, Social issues, Tenshi ni Narumon-style, which is very cracked indeed.), marriage, motherhood, death, beauty, loneliness, all come up at different points. Alright, enough of the philisophical stuff, before I start comparing Rapheal-sama to Socretes ^^;;;

The Bad: Alright, I admit it, this series has a few problems. The level of insanity might be too much for even the most seasoned Otaku. If cute things make you cringe, watching this anime may give you massive brain damage. Another problem is Noelle, she is the sort of anime character who I normally react to by screaming "KILL IT!! ARRRGH!", she has the mental maturity and intellect of a 3-year-old on a caffiene high. Personally, I think her brain is made out of the dandlion fluff that she frolics around in during the opening, lalalalalala. Her signature 'move' is, repeating a word it over and over again in her three-year-old-esque voice while dancing around in circles. Luckily, Noelle is usually allowed to drift of into her own little kawaii world while the other characters are talking(her voice is very high, but it isn't too penetrating(at least in the sub version), so she is sometimes ignorable. The drawback is that she's...kinda.. the main character(though I maintain that there's a main-character shift for the second half) and she's around ALOT. But despite her ubber-annoying ways, her naivety is pretty importent to the story(and her roll in it.), and sometimes, it's a GOOD thing that she doesn't understand what's going on ^^;.
The urge to kill her goes away after awhile, I swear ^^;.

Another big problem I had with this series was the lack of explanation. The ending was really good, but it left far many things hanging. Next to nothing is ever explained about Raphael(first appearence, episode 13), like his one-wingedness and scar X.x(which just bugs the heck out of me.) And his rather offhand explanations to Mikael at the very end where NOT good enough. I would have really liked to see something more of Mikael and Silky's past(flashbacks or something.), there was alot for them to work with too... Though I have a feeling that the creators were keeping some things a mystery on purpose, out of hope for a potiential OAV later on.

Despite these problems, most of which were me whining about the series ending too soon ;_;. I'd just like to say again that this anime is absolutely amazing. It's a rollercoaster ride with many twists, turns, hilarity, improbability, surealness and bouncy cheeks ^_^. The sort who enjoy uniqueness and humour without demanding absolute realism will enjoy this Tenshi ni Narumon, I know I did. Though marathoning on it may cause your psyche to crash temporarily(Fatal error, ALA blue screen of death ^_^). I recommend small doses for all but the most insane Otaku.

Meet the Cast!

Wai! This took forever to set up but I hope it was worth it ^_^. My personal favorite characters are Yuusuke(first half of series only, he's the sane one ^_^), then Mikael & Raphael, Eros is pretty kawaii too. Nearly all of these pics were taken from Fuwarin! 100% Noelle Juice and EXTREMELY good Tennimon site ^_^. The problem with this series is it's REALLY hard to find images online that aren't cel-scans, screenshots or manga scans. I'm not sure if an artbook was even ever released! ;_;.
The Family Outsiders/Adviseries
Noelle! Ubberly kawaii, sugar overloaded with no brain, bouncy cheeks and a halo ^_^.
Seiyuu: Tomoko Kawakami, who also played Chiriko(FY) and Utena in 'Shoujo Kakumei Utena'(..that is SOOOO wrong in so many ways! >.<)
Natsumi, the quiet, intelligent and icey swimmer from school who captures Yuusuke's heart ^_^
Seiyuu: Yukana Nogami, who also played 'Mei Lin' in Card Captor Sakura
Yuusuke, the long-suffering guy with a formerly normal life ^_^, he tries to maintain his grasp on sanity/normality, it's hard though.
Seiyuu: Miyazaki Issei, also did Subaru in 'X the movie' @_@.
Mikael, a mysterious and enigmatic guy who occasionally appears without much explanation. Strange, serious and mysterious ^___^ *lol*
Seiyuu: AKIRA ISHIDA! *heart*, also played Xelloss in 'Slayers' & Kazuma in 'Kare Kano'
Papa, he has no other name, he's..erm, Noelle's good-natured father, who is always finding bizarre part-time jobs ^_^
Seiyuu: Juurouta Kosugi, who also played Akio on "Shoujo Kakumei Utena" & Lantis in 'Magic Knights Rayearth'...LOL!
Dispel-sama, the extremely freaky-looking Bad Guy, who want's Noelle for his collection of imperfect things ^^;. Hobbies include ranting poetically at his captive audience(pooor Silky)
Seiyuu: Matsuo Iwata, also played Kaneda in 'Akira' & Mitsuro in 'Here is Greenwood'
Mama, the quintessential fifties mom, she likes hitting people with round things ^_^.
Seiyuu: Noriko Hidaka, who also played Akane in 'Ranma1/2' ^_^
Silky, Dispel-sama's..captive/pet. She acts like someone under hypnosis with no free will or thoughts of her own. It's kinda creepy ^^;
Seiyuu: Hiroko Konishi, also played Misao in 'Gatekeepers' and Sae in 'Mahou Tsukai Tai!'
Gabriel, the older brother/vampire who is allergic to cat-girls ^^;.
Seiyuu: Nobutoshi Hayashi, AKA Tasuki in 'Fushigi Yugi' & Gawl in 'Generator Gawl'
Miruru, Dispel-sama's mobile minion ^_^. She's a cat-girl who oversea's her employers evil plots and chases after Gabu-chan(Gabriel) on the side ^-^
Seiyuu: Mayumi Iizuka, also played Flute in 'Violinist of Hamelin' and Nanaka in 'Mahou Tsukai Tai!'
Sara, the rather sexy older sister who spends most of her time invisible ^_^
Seiyuu: Ayako Kawasumi, also played Melfina in 'Outlaw star' and Mika in 'Lain'.
Newbies in the second phase!: *scary music*
Ruka, the little sister, who's also a chain-saw wielding mad-scientist ^_^
Seiyuu:Ikue Ohtani, also played Meruru in 'Escaflowne' & Pikachuu in 'Pokemon' ^^;
Raphael "-sama", first appears in episode 13. he's an Angel with no left wing, and doesn't act particularly angelic(think Asaba from Kare Kano ^^;). He seems like your typical playboy anime bishounen, or is he? ^_^
Seiyuu: Shotaro Morikubo, also played Orphen in 'Sorcerous Stabber Orphen' & Iwata in 'Excel Saga'.
Baba, the family's really scary grandmother, she does not approve of Yuusuke at all and is always threatening to curse him ^_^(she also comes complete with a pet Vulture ^^;)
Seiyuu:Tomoko Naka
Eros, another minion out to thwart Noelle's efforts!. This rather cute and spunky guy shows up in episode 14 ^_^
Seiyuu: Minami Omi, also played Hyatt in 'Excel Saga' and Ruri in 'Martian Successor Nadesico'
This is the complete cracked house Noelle's family brought with them when they moved in. I think it deserves to be called one of the cast ^__^
Seiyuu:iiieeeeee ^^;
Muse, Ero's minion(jeez, talk about a burecraucy!), she's an over-dramatic shapeshifter(the first time you see her, she's in the form of a giant, orange pen ^^;;) and is very much in love with Eros-sama ^_^. She's another who shows up in episode 14.
Seiyuu: Sakura Tange, who also played Sakura in 'Card Captor Sakura' and Mil in 'Maze; Mega-burst space'(methinks she's being type-cast ^^;)

Where to buy!:

Tenshi ni Narumon has actually be bought by the new commercial company Synch-point and they've ACTUALLY released the first DVD in less then a year!(what a concept ^^;), it's being marketed under the title "I'm gonna be an Angel" which is a pretty good translation of "Tenshi ni Narumon". It's availible now ^_^v, You can check out more info on the DVD at AnimeonDVD. the mecca of all anime DVD info ^_^. The first one has FIVE episodes on it and all of these kewl extras ^__^. Unfortunetly, that was over a year ago @_@(wow, it's been a long time since I wrote this), synch-point has yet to release anymore, I suppose we'll all have to be patient :(

Other places you can get the DVD: AnimeCastle    AnimeNation    Omochabox  and  Your local SunCoast store ^_^

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