Website Idea -Little John Running Blog

Summary - The website should be a place that is easy to navigate and is visually pleasing. Some of the websites I visited have too much going on or are the bare minimum but still has lots of content. I want to find that happy medium and make it a place that is easy to look at and find posts and workouts and other information.

Content - The posts will contain plans for races I am going to enter, the workouts and meal prep done during the week and any problems I encounter as I prepare and work through these workouts.

Competition - Other running blogs like Diary of a Rubbish Marathoner, The Runner Dad, Ben Parkes, Ali on the Run

Purpose - The purpose is two fold. First, is to provide myself with a public way to be accountable for my running goals and second is to provide a place for other people to go who want to start running and don't know how or show people that it can be done regardless of how buys you are.

Desired Results - A well polished place where people can visit to get a good idea of how to start running

Target Audience - Average person 20's or 30's who is busy with family,work,school and anything else that life throws at us, who is interested in starting running.