HOF WTCH Mistrettas Painted Lizard RTDs DNA-CP now has enough offspring titled in ASCA to be an ASCA Hall of Fame Sire!!! A huge thank you to all those owners of his offspring who helped him achieve this honor. We will have a special page outlining the offspring and owners who have completed the titles to make Lizard HOF as soon as it is official! Lizard is pictured here at 14 years young! Lizard is HOF Sire #193
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"Finn is my two-year-old Mistretta dynamo. This summer he started trialing in CPE and USDAA agility venues. While our Q rate is not yet impressive, I do believe that once he becomes accustomed to the hullabaloo of the agility atmosphere, he will settle down and become an excellent athlete.

Finn also debuted in canine freestyle this summer. For Finn's beginner's routine, I chose the theme from the television show, "Bonanza," as Finn's way of being is dynamic and, for lack of a real word, hoppity. I signed him up so that he might become accustomed to the freestyle competition environment. Evidently Finn had loftier goals, for in the competition ring he blew my cowboy boots off! My boy did everything I asked of him and with alacrity and surprising focus. He earned excellent marks on both days and so earned his very first title W-FD/MF."

Finn, owned by Julie Mayeda is an Annie x Buddy son.
Way to go Finn & Julie!
Congratulations to Mia and Nancy on earning High in Trial from the started cattle class at the end of August in Niagra Falls! Great Job! This was Mia and Nancy's first ASCA Trial! To read more about Mia and her accomplishments please visit her webpage by clicking on her name below
Mistretta Mia Arglnnis Paphia CNG HSs DNA-CP
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