My Real Life: Miriam McDonald (Interview)
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When you ask somebody who they would want to be on Degrassi, it's surprising how often people say "Emma!" Well, Miriam would agree. She likes trying on Emma's life every day, with its first periods, Internet weirdos, and angry boyfriends. Miriam shared that and more when some users asked her about her real life.

ladybug88: How old are you?

Miriam: I turned 15 this summer.

hypergurl7: How did you get into acting?

Miriam: I’ve been dancing all my life, and when my dance school offered acting classes, I signed up for them. Our acting teacher told us about an open call audition. I went, and I got the part. That producer gave me the name of my current agent, who sent me to the Degrassi auditions. From there…well, you know the rest!!!

Kittypaw: What type of music do you like, and what are your hobbies?

Miriam: My hobbies are swimming and every type of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, etc.). My favorite music is always changing, but right now I really like Shakira.

Alvin: What sports do you play?

Miriam: I play tennis.

Ashanti626: Do you have a boyfriend?

Miriam: No, I don’t have a boyfriend…!

lildevil08: What do you like most about being on the show?

Miriam: I most like meeting all the people on the show and getting to live through Emma’s experiences.

hypergurl7: Do you get along with everyone else in the cast?

Miriam: I get along really well with everyone.

kaceypaige: Do you get angry on set when you're acting and you make a mistake, or when someone else makes a mistake?

Miriam: No, I don’t get angry when someone makes a mistake, because we all do.

fla: This August, I'm going into Junior High. Is the first day really like the one in your episode?

Miriam: My first day of Jr. High wasn’t as bad and scary as Emma’s. No one picked on me. I just made new friends from other schools!

CountriQT: How do you feel about your character? Do you wish she could be different, and do you have anything in common with her?

Miriam: I like that my character is strong-willed, smart and trusts herself. I think Emma might be better if she didn’t jump to conclusions so quickly, but she and I both have strong opinions and like to stand up for what we think is right.

TulipSweet: Were you embarrassed when you had to do the episode "Coming of Age"? There were boys seeing you having your period. I would have been sooooo embarrassed!"

Miriam: When I first read the "Coming of Age" script (where Emma gets her period) I was embarrassed, but then I thought about it and was proud of how Emma dealt with it. So instead of feeling embarrassed, I was pleased that it gives a strong message of not being ashamed of yourself.

sofia9922: Has your life changed by making this series?

Miriam: My life is basically the same as it was before Degrassi, only now I get recognized everywhere I go.
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