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New Recently uploaded Trella Costa Pics from the popular "Bodies in Motion" series.
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Trella Costa Video Captures

      Trella Costa regularly appears on the popular fitness show Bodies in Motion weekdays at 6 am (EST), and 7 am (EST). Bodies in Motion can now be seen on the Health Network. Check with your local cable operator to find out which station carries The Health Network.

Click on the images below to download brief video clips (456 kb & 398 kb) from the Bodies in Motion series. Download Trella Video clip #1 456 kb The video files are in active streaming format (.asf). The Windows Media player is required to view .asf files. Download Trella Video clip #2 398 kb (An earlier version can be found here) If you do not have the Windows Media Player installed on your machine it can be downloaded from Microsoft's website for free. Once downloaded you will need to first unzip the files before you can view them. If you do not have a zip utility an excellent one can be downloaded from winzip.com.

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