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Hushed Be the Camps Today
by Walt Whitman

May 4, 1865

Hushed be the camps today,
And soldiers let us drape our war-worn weapons,
And each with musing soul retire to celebrate
Our dear commander's death.

No more for him life's stormy conflicts,
Nor victory, nor defeat -no more time's dark events,
Charging like ceaseless clouds across the sky.

But sing poet in our name,
Sing of the love we bore him -because you -
dweller in camps, know it truly.

As they invault the coffin there,
Sing -as they close the doors of earth upon him -one verse,
For the heavy hearts of soldiers.

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My Father: James H Ward Proudly Served 1941~1945 WWII Still Living

My Son: Richard D Piros Proudly Served 1982~1985 Still Living

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Grgrgrgranddpa C.J.Owens Proudly Served For What He Believed In

1861-1863. Buried in Confederate Cemetery Knoxville TN

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Grgrgrandpa John Michael VanHuss Proudly Served What He Believed In

1861-1865. Buried Camp Chase OH

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Tom McDaniel

My grandma's first husband

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Palmer Evans WWI~~

My mother's cousin

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Alfred (Curly) Piros ~Royal Canadian Army 1941~1945 WWII

My Father-In-Law

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Steve Lubrick ~Royal Canadian  1941~1945 WWII Still Living

My husband Bob's Uncle

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Art Piros~Royal Canadian WWII Still Living

My father-in-law's brother

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Robert Z Piros Royal Canadian Army WWII

My father-in-law's brother

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I have no pictures for these ancestors but they fought for what they believed in.

Tandy Welch ~War of 1812

Hymelous Patton~ Civil War Union died at Cumberland Gap

William Patton (son of Hymelous) ~Civil War

Sherwood Delk~ Civil War

Jeremiah Delk~ Civil War

Boston Owens~ Civil War

William Henley York~Viet Nam (my cousin)

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