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At My Mother's Knee


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Dommie Nola Delk Ward

My Mother

b:9~16~1916   d:7-14-1949

I’d like to wander back again to days of long ago
To sit within the circle there and watch the firelight glow
Upon familiar face of the ones I used to know.
I’d like to listen to their footsteps passing to and fro.

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I’d like to wander back to childhood joys upon the farm,
And feel that I was safe again from every passing harm,
Secure against all follies and temptation’s luring charm.
And rest again within the shelter of my mother’s arm.

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I’d like to be a child again within the walls of home,
And live in peace and happiness, nor wish to stray or roam. For tho’ I climb over mountains grand or sail the ocean’s foam, I’ll never find, in all this world, a dearer mother or a happier home.

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I’d like to kneel beside the bed and to my Father pray,
And trust to Him my wishes in the old time childish way,
For He is still my Father, and I hear Him gently say,
"I will always be your Guide my child, and will guard you night and day."

Author Unknown


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