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bellleft.gif (24651 bytes)Dear Steve & Laura,bellrght.gif (24498 bytes)
What the letters in the word Love means;
L is Learning to Live with another,
O is to Love each Other,
V is to Voice your, opinons and your Vulnerability.
E is to Love each other to Eternity............

What Is Love
Love is a beautiful, tingly feeling,
Love is something that makes your heart go reeling.
Love is wanting to be with someone forever,
Love is something that cannot be severed.
Love is feeling lonely when he or she aren't there,
Love is knowing that someone really does care.
Love is learning to Forgive,
Love is learning to take and not just give.
Love is in a gentle smile,
Love is longer than a country mile.
Love is in a soft touch,
Laura & Steve, I love you so much.
Love is ALL of the things above,
Life is meaningless without LOVE......

The Wedding


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Before the wedding

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Brothers Robert and Richard walking sis down the asile to give her away.A picture of Dad is tucked in her bouquet.

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Proud Mamas lighting the Unity Candles

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"Mama K " reading about Love

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They are now Husband & Wife

Mr and Mrs Stephen Kuczynski

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My whole gang along with sis in law

Val, niece Tina and grand nephews Pat & Alex

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Rich, Pam,Me,Laura,Cheryl & Rob

The gang is all here

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Laura, Heather, Stephanie & Steve

The Flower Girls

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More Pictures

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