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I hope you enjoy gazing upon Elvis Presley as much as I do,

Please listen to the song all the way through.

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So, get ready to go down the memory road.

A man was wearing, bent over and  lost his wig,

All while Elvis was doing his gig.

Elvis saw his bald head,

He started laughing till he turned red.


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Oh you beautiful Baby Elvis

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Young Elvis

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Maturing Elvis

elvis5.jpg (28409 bytes)

Having Fun Elvis

elvis6.jpg (18969 bytes)

Oh Sing it, Elvis

elvis1975.jpg (8616 bytes)

Elvis 1975

elvis2.jpg (8528 bytes)

Smiling Elvis

elvis3.jpg (9566 bytes)

Final Curtain Elvis

elvis7.jpg (18055 bytes)

Rest in Peace, Elvis.

January 8, 1935~~August 16, 1977

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